Protecting productivity with Industrial Security Services

Protecting productivity with Industrial Security Services

Defense strategy against all potential threats

The rapidly growing threat landscape and changing security risks call for a preventive and industry-specific defense strategy. The visions of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) involve the next development stage of connectivity and interaction between the virtual and physical worlds. Production processes and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in particular continue to pose new targets and require a higher level of security.

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Industrial Security Services

Plant protection on multiple levels

Digitalization increasingly interconnects industrial facilities. On the one hand this enables numerous new insights based on analyzed data. On the other hand this leads to a higher risk of cyber attacks, which requires an effective protection concept that consists of multiple layers and protects industrial facilities against any threats.

Specific concepts for reliable protection

With Siemens Industrial Security Services, industrial companies benefit from the comprehensive know-how as well as the technical expertise of a global network of specialists for automation and cybersecurity. The holistic approach of the industry-specific concept is based on state-of-the-art technologies as well as the applicable security rules and standards. Threats and malware are detected at an early stage, vulnerabilities analyzed in detail, and appropriate comprehensive security measures are initiated. Continuous monitoring gives plant operators the greatest possible transparency regarding the security of their industrial facility and optimal investment protection at all times.

Assess Security for a risk-based security schedule

Comprehensive analysis of threats and risks

Assess Security covers a holistic analysis of threats and vulnerabilities, the identification of risks and recommendations of security measures to close the identified gaps.

  • Analysis of threats
  • Identification of risks
  • Examination and classification of vulnerabilities
  • Security Assessments in accordance with IEC 62443 and ISO 27001
  • Asset inventory and vulnerability detection by Scanning Services
  • Recommendation of suitable security measures

Implement Security measures to reduce risk

Detailed consultation and planning for industrial security

Implement Security refers to the implementation of protection measures to raise the security level of plants and manufacturing facilities


  • Risk reduction via multiple implementation steps
  • Security and awareness training
  • Network security consulting
  • In accordance with IEC 62443
  • Installation of virus protection, whitelisting, and firewalls
  • Industrial Anomaly Detection

Manage Security for comprehensive protection and transparency

Proactive avoidance of security gaps

Manage Security means the continuous monitoring and renewal of implemented measures through our centralized services.

  • Support through a competent network of security experts
  • Monitoring and update of security measures
  • Information on released vulnerabilities and patch status via the Industrial Vulnerability Manager

How to protect your business against cyber attacks

With Industrial Security Services from Siemens, your company will enjoy numerous benefits.

New highlight: Security Service Packages for SIMATIC

Many of the SIMATIC products offer configurations to enhance the security level. However, these configurations are rarely found in the field – often due to a lack of security know-how. Our industrial security experts support you in unleashing the full potential of your asset’s security level with tailored packages for SIMATIC automation systems.

Web-based training: Increasing the Security Awareness in Industrial Plants

Human error is one of the main causes for security incidents. Our web-based training is designed for shop floor staff and therefore focuses on cyber security in the context of automation: Introduction to current threat landscape in industrial control system environments, guidance how to handle risks and guidance how to identify security incidents.

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