Preventive system analysis for greater availability

Preventive System Analysis

Preventive System Analysis

To remain competitive, the operation of plants needs to be highly productive and efficient, yet also flexible. Preventive system analysis helps to minimize risks and avoid possible problems – before they occur. This is where Preventive System Analysis comes in with inspection services according to DIN 31051: From the collection of system and diagnostic data, through comprehensive data analysis, all the way to recommendation of necessary maintenance measures.

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Regular system analyses ensure plant availability

The "Data Collector" tool available online collects and structures the required system data on site. The compiled information is made available to Siemens experts for the next step – "Data Analytics". Using data processing tools and indication analyses, such as blacklisting, whitelisting, reasoning-based methods, anomaly detection, pattern mapping and statistics, the data is analyzed and then evaluated by our experts. The result of these comprehensive analyses is a system status report with individual recommendations for action, which will be discussed with you quarterly on a regular basis.

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