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Fast support in an emergency. Either at your premises or at a certified Siemens workshop

Even the best components eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. The result: Outages and reduced productivity. A fast repair service and a reliable parts supply are essential if costly downtimes are to be avoided.

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Support and Consulting Services

Your repair hotline for customers in Germany

We will be happy to consult with you!
Repair hotline: +49 (911) 895 7444

Siemens repair service

Fast repairs, either on-site at your premises or at our workshops, worldwide

The Siemens repair service is there for you when you need it most. Directly on-site at your premises, or at our repair workshops worldwide.

Siemens Repair Center. Never far away, worldwide.

Every minute counts when system faults have to be fixed. Thanks to our closely knit, global network of partner workshops, you can benefit from our expertise and spare parts service without delay. That also includes emergencies, of course.
More than 1,000 service experts are ready and waiting to help at more than 250 Siemens or certified partner workshops around the world. Your top priority is to ensure your plant availability, even after many years of operation. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Of course, we’re also happy to make the necessary repairs directly at your premises.

Minimize downtimes

Your benefits at a glance

Thanks to Siemens repair services for automation and drive systems, as well as machine tools and production machines, you can respond quickly and efficiently if an unscheduled downtime happens.
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We’ll help you find the right repair workshop.

Just talk to your Siemens contact about your repair inquiry. Make sure you have the following information to identify the affected product:

• Material or product number
• Serial or production number
• Other information from the identification plate (image or photo also acceptable)

In urgent cases, we can arrange a faster repair service for many components. We recommend you tell your contact that the repair is particularly urgent when arranging the repair.

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Repairs for special requirements

With the Siemens repair service you’re prepared for everything

Flexibility is our top priority, especially in an emergency. We work to suit your requirements. Select the right kind of repair for your application, or seek advice from Siemens Support.

Maximum transparency when analyzing the cause

If faults have been happening more regularly, e.g. to electric motors or other components, and standard repairs can’t identify the cause, you may need a special inspection. The objective is to replicate the original problem, determine the cause of the fault, and work out which actions will lead to long-term success. This is generally done at a Siemens facility, although it can be performed at your premises on an exceptional basis.


Getting your electronics components working again quickly

It’s essential for machine operators to arrange a regular inspection of their integrated machine components to avoid costly outages. Functional repairs focus on getting your electronic components working again as quickly as possible. Our emphasis is on high quality standards, and we use only original Siemens parts.

Extending the life of your drivetrain

As the number of service hours increases, electric motors develop more signs of wear and aging. A general motor overhaul will extend the life of your drivetrain. Worn and aging parts are replaced, to prevent unexpected downtimes. We also make lasting improvements to your plant performance by fitting more efficient components as part of the optimization process, for example.

Assurance that your spare part stocks are in working order

Aging processes or environmental influences can compromise the function of your spare parts if they are kept in reserve for a lengthy period. When we inspect your spare parts, we check all functions of software, firmware, and ASICs in your modules, no matter how complex. If a fault is identified, the troubleshooting and repair will be performed automatically for the cost of the repair, without interrupting the process.


Successful repairs

Many companies around the world benefit from Siemens repair services, as shown by the customer references below.
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Technical forum

Learn about potential solutions for when your plant suffers a malfunction

The cause of a problem in your plant isn’t always obvious. Use our technical forum to get information about malfunctions and error codes quickly.


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