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Today’s demands on our knowledge are every bit as diverse and dynamic as our profession itself. We keep learning more and longer – for our work, for our career, and for ourselves. Advancing digitalization entails new topics, and is also changing the way we absorb and process knowledge. SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy offers the right source of knowledge here, which we can use anytime in just the way we need it. The time for industrial learning is now.

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Dear customer,

Due to the current situation in connection with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy temporarily suspends training operations throughout most countries. Course participants who have booked courses with SITRAIN have been or will be informed in time by our customer service department. With this measure, we would like to help contain the spread of the virus, because the health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.


You can still expand your knowledge! With our online offerings, this is possible at any time and anywhere. For an ideal start, we have a collection of the best and most important entries on a dedicated SITRAIN open page.


Also our digital learning platform SITRAIN access is available now. The extensive and constantly growing range of learning content on numerous industry topics is provided to you using innovative, multimedia learning methods. Exercises in a virtual exercise environment, learning progress controls and a lively community ensure a continuous and sustainable learning success. Send us a non-binding request now using the contact form on the SITRAIN access website and don't miss the start of learning in the digital age.


Stay healthy!

Your Team from SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy 

Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog
Virtual Event, Nov 26

Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog

Join us live for this interactive virtual event. Explore our SPS highlights in our brand-new showroom in 3D. Be inspired from top-level industry speakers and discuss with our Digital Enterprise experts.

Learn – but only from the best

One way or another, of course, we’re always learning. Because the world always seems to turn faster. Because we need to process more and more information to make the right decisions. And certainly also because learning is fun. What’s important is to be able to find the right knowledge fast and easily. And that’s what the Digital Industry Academy is for.

Always finding the right stuff

Knowing how we learn today

Knowledge is diverse, and everybody has their own learning rhythm and needs. That’s why SITRAIN is subdivided into three areas – so you can find the right line of knowledge you need, anytime.

Knowledge for every need

With its three areas – SITRAIN open, SITRAIN access and SITRAIN personal – SITRAIN offers you an all-encompassing range of options for an ongoing expansion of your knowledge and skills, suited for every type of learner.

And SITRAIN uses advancing digitalization to continuously expand content and offer new training methods.


SITRAIN in practice

Successful companies have already discovered it’s important to set up and expand the right knowledge in-house, and to train employees. You can read some of SITRAIN’s success stories here.
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