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Minimum downtime and the optimum use of staff and resources are key to long-term success in industry. But when a failure happens, it can bring the entire plant to a standstill in the worst case. Since even the best components will reach the end of their lifecycle sometime, spare parts form the essential basis for smooth operation.

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Most original spare parts from Siemens are available for up to ten years after a product is discontinued – world-wide, for drive and automation systems, and for machine tools and production machinery.

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Thanks to Spare Parts Services from Siemens for automation and drive systems, as well as machine tools and production machines, you can optimize the availability and service life of your plant.
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Ordering, availability, and delivery times for spare parts

Learn about delivery times for your spare parts from Siemens, and also availability and the length of ongoing supply after a product is discontinued. You can also find information on the emergency spare parts service and replacements for defective components.

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Optimize your spare parts supplies

Want to optimize your spare parts management?

For maximum plant availability and even more security, it makes sense to optimize your entire spare parts supply. Use our preventive spare parts supply services for optimized spare parts packages, for example. That means you can respond quickly in an emergency. Our global spare parts service solves malfunctions before major damage occurs.

Spare parts packages

Reduce downtimes when a fault occurs

Spare parts packages ensure short-term availability on-site as a matter of course, especially when you need spare parts unexpectedly. What goes in the spare parts packages is individually coordinated with the drive components you have in place. Depending on demand and plant requirements, you can count on the package being available throughout your system’s lifecycle. That improves the availability of the entire plant – with spare parts in proven Siemens quality.

Spare parts plans

High plant availability with optimum spare parts supply

Optimized inventories of spare parts mean you can respond quickly at any time and keep your production systems running. With its individual spare parts plans – Asset Optimization Services – Siemens helps you make lasting improvements to the efficiency of your spare parts supply. Thanks to a structured and systematic approach, your inventories are optimally adjusted to the needs of your plant.   

Extended warranty

Reduce your financial risk and improve cost transparency in your operations

To ensure you’re on the safe side right from the start, Siemens offers a longer replacement period for defective products. The Extended Exchange Option applies to almost all industry products Siemens has on the market that can no longer be used as intended.

Spare parts for discontinued products

Supplying obsolete products for your process control system

Die Kosten für nachhaltige Modernisierung mit innovativer Leittechnik verhindern vielfach eine frühzeitige Umsetzung. Mit den Legacy System Services überbrücken Sie die Zeit bis zu einer geplanten Anlagenmodernisierung der auf SIMATIC PCS 7 basierenden Leittechnik. Dazu zählen proaktiver technischer Support sowie die Bereitstellung von ausgewählten, bereits obsoleten Produkten. Das verschafft den nötigen Freiraum für die Planung und Umsetzung anstehender Modernisierungsmaßnahmen.

Component upgrade service

Extend machine and plant service life

Machines and plant are expected to have a long service life. But service life for electronic components is limited, and is generally shorter than the planned service life of your machines and plant. So you can enjoy longer availability, Siemens offers a component upgrade subject to favorable conditions. A scheduled upgrade from old to new products will prevent unplanned machine downtimes.


Successful spare parts plans

Many companies are already successfully using spare parts services from Siemens. See the following references on our Spare Parts Services for examples.

Find potential solutions when your plant suffers a malfunction

The cause of a problem in your plant isn’t always clear at first glance. In our technical forum, you can learn about malfunctions and error codes to get help quickly.



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