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Desktop only

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Case study template

Use this template to write case studies and other long-form articles. Case studies present a challenge one of our customers faced and explains how we solved it. It consists of:

  • High-level summary
  • Background
  • Challenges
  • Findings
  • Reccomendations
  • Implementation

Use this template for: case studies, profile posts, future thinking, 'tools of the trade' or guest posts

List template

Show information in a concise, simple and structured way. Whether you’re writing "Top 10" articles or collecting content from across the web. Introduce your topic and let the readers explore it further themselves. This template consists of:

  • Introduction
  • List section

Use this template for: top 10, A-Z, checklists or similar list-based articles, curated lists of hyperlinks

Interview template

Present a personal conversation in a simple question-answer format. This template consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Questions
  • Answers

Use this template for: expert interviews, how-to guides.

Some writing tips

  • Choose a topic that truly fascinates you. Your enthusiasm will come through in your writing.

  • Write from your own point of view and use your own voice.

  • Challenge the status quo. In order to write about groundbreaking developments, you sometimes have to take a controversial stance.

  • Write in a clear, concise and comprehensible way. Write short sentences, use simple words and build a logical narrative.

  • Encourage discussion. Invite colleagues to contribute and readers to discuss your article.

  • Always check your grammar and make sure that your facts are correct before you hit “publish”.

Digital Twin
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Driven by cost effective sensors everywhere, linked to really smart mobile devices (including drones), and supported by limitless compute power in the cloud, it seems every week there is another smart, data driven way of doing something.

With my focus on the oil & gas industry, I was struck in 2017 by how quickly this conservative industry went from being slow to change to being driven by digitalization strategies in its board rooms. The last few conversations I had in 2017 with end users, primarily in Asia, who were just getting round to thinking about digitalization, was how far behind they felt they were.

I was struck in 2017 by how quickly the conservative oil & gas industry went from being slow to change to being driven by digitalization strategies in its board rooms.

I have seen Bentley’s reality modeling technology (turning digital photographs into accurate usable 3D models) really take off especially with our partners Siemens, TOPCON and BV as this technology enables the existing physical world to be a core part of a digitalization strategy.

Enabling owners of existing assets to assess current conditions and bring data that together with other digital information to make better informed business decisions for extending asset life and improving productivity.

I am expecting more automation in this area with software recognizing and associating assets in a photograph to asset registers for example, and machine learning where the combination of engineering and sensor information can identify the asset, predict issues and turn data into actionable information.

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