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Case study template

Use this template to write case studies and other long-form articles. Case studies present a challenge one of our customers faced and explains how we solved it. It consists of:

  • High-level summary
  • Background
  • Challenges
  • Findings
  • Reccomendations
  • Implementation

Use this template for: case studies, profile posts, future thinking, 'tools of the trade' or guest posts

List template

Show information in a concise, simple and structured way. Whether you’re writing "Top 10" articles or collecting content from across the web. Introduce your topic and let the readers explore it further themselves. This template consists of:

  • Introduction
  • List section

Use this template for: top 10, A-Z, checklists or similar list-based articles, curated lists of hyperlinks

Interview template

Present a personal conversation in a simple question-answer format. This template consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Questions
  • Answers

Use this template for: expert interviews, how-to guides.

Some writing tips

  • Choose a topic that truly fascinates you. Your enthusiasm will come through in your writing.

  • Write from your own point of view and use your own voice.

  • Challenge the status quo. In order to write about groundbreaking developments, you sometimes have to take a controversial stance.

  • Write in a clear, concise and comprehensible way. Write short sentences, use simple words and build a logical narrative.

  • Encourage discussion. Invite colleagues to contribute and readers to discuss your article.

  • Always check your grammar and make sure that your facts are correct before you hit “publish”.

Digital Twin
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The optimization of a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) always follows the customers’ strategy.

Besides the so-called standard modernization projects it might be the customers’ target to add another power unit. This might be another hydroelectric power unit, or a wind turbine, or a PV plant etc. In these projects, the customer may have very different goals regarding their modernization or power or fleet optimization. He can either focus on maximizing the energy production efficiency, on optimizing the tariff situation, on prolongation of maintenance periods, or on upcoming weather conditions based on weather forecast sources. The ideas are almost unlimited.
They are often pointing in different directions, which produces conflicts for their relationships to each other.

This is where the holistic approach comes into play: it allows all these different requirements to be in a balanced relationship. The underlying algorithm makes it possible. It combines the installed plant components with the correct mathematical representation and it links with the controller system and the data exchange with archives and databases. So, the operator is able to run the fleet as wanted. The requirements to revitalize the plant are combined with the requirements to streamline the fleet operation.

The original graph (blue) shows the efficiency of a second power production unit, which was installed in an existing plant without considering a possible optimization of the overall physical fleet configuration. The red graph shows the optimization based on the holistic approach: the algorithm helps maximize according to real conditions through implementation of the knowledge about weather influence on the water withdrawal point. Furthermore, this helps the customer to define points of improvement for investments in the future. In combination with the experience and knowledge of the experts it promises success for the customer all along the line.

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