Ingenuity for life moves people

All across Iran, Siemens mobility technology connects cities and communities, bringing friends and family together.
Ingenuity for life

Our aspiration to make real what matters

In mastering the challenges of today’s energy landscape, Siemens technology and know-how offers a strong economic foundation. Digital technologies ensure a stable power supply through optimized turbines, smart grids and energy management.

With technologies like digitalization, we are helping to bring industry into the future. The digitalization of production offers speed and flexibility at a lower cost across the entire manufacturing process.

Ingenuity for life makes our cities more livable and appealing. With more efficient transportation systems, plus intelligent networking and traffic control that prioritizes public transit and emergency vehicles, keeping everyone moving, safely, comfortably and on time.

Together, with our customers, we tackle the many challenges that face us. Through our expertise in the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization, we improve quality of life and create lasting value for future generations.

This is what drives us and this is our promise. This is Ingenuity for life.

Oil & Gas

Rethinking operations from end to end

Major technical and economic changes in the petroleum industry are forcing the industry to face some hurdles. Existing operating models are being challenged. Siemens recognizes this and offers solutions and services across the entire value chain. Empowering customers to transform their businesses with a combination of operational technology, software and data systems.

Proven technology is the basis for sustainable performance

The future of petroleum operations lies in leveraging a combination of engineering, software and data to improve efficiency. Siemens is pioneering the use of digital technology and know-how from advanced manufacturing operations in oil and gas operations, reinforced with stringent cyber-security measures. Thanks to the inherently short learning curve this approach offers, oil and gas companies are able to gain a first-mover advantage.

Siemens can tap into a broad knowledge base that includes 160-plus years of experience across all aspects of oil and gas operations. With an intense focus on operational safety and environmental responsibility.

Real time intelligence and operational transparency are fundamental for refinery safety

Operational excellence at the Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Bapco) means improving the performance of refinery operations through digitalization. With safety as a top priority, Bapco achieves better visibility into business and operational data with Siemens XHQ software. Real-time, integrated data, paired with efficient operational governance, decrease the time to complete safety work orders and is helping them to achieve their goal of zero incidents at the refinery. 

Gas to power every corner of the country

The TC50 and IGAT5 pipeline transports natural gas from the southern Bushehr to whole Iran.

NIGC deploys Siemens technology supplying gas to private homes and industries.

Gas turbines and compressors from Siemens are distributed across numerous stations pumping gas through the Iranian pipeline.