What keeps the lights on in Iran’s capital Tehran?

Rudeshur power plant is being operated and maintained reliably to provide electricity to the Iranian society with highest availability.
Sustainable Energy

Reliable and efficient power generation

Iran is a vast country and facing rising power demands by society and industries alike. Thanks to efficient and reliable power supply Iran can meet the expectations of its citizens. Whether for social activities at any time or for manufacturing goods in modern factories – reliable power is always available.

How to serve the increasing demand for electricity day in and out, all around the year?

Reliable power supply is the key and answer to keep the lights on and the industrial zones ready to manufacture the goods of Iran.
Arian Mahtab Gostar (AMG) become the first independent power provider in Iran with operation and maintenance done by Siemens. Since 2006 Rudeshur power plant ensures reliable power generation to the industrial zones and parts of the capital city Tehran. Besides the safe and reliable energy supply, the power plant helps keeping the Iranian electricity grid stable.
Siemens delivered the latest technology and is permanently investing to keep the power plant up to the latest standards and above – from the technical, environmental, health and safety perspective. It is equipped with an online diagnostic system in order to support preventive maintenance and guarantee highest availability and efficiency. This technology enables AMG to provide electricity to the Iranian grid day by day. By dual fuel operation fast response enables to meet the power demand also in peak times, like summer season. Especially then, it is important to have a reliable power plant providing electricity constantly and safely to the Iranian citizens. Siemens has been a reliable partner to the country, operating and maintaining the power plant with high-end technology and expertise throughout the years and also in challenging times.

An O&M contract is similar to a marriage, you stay together not only for the good times, but also during challenges and that makes the difference.
Kuno Gelpke, Siemens SSK Plant Manager in Rudeshur

Rudeshur Power Plant

The first privately built power plant in Iran, Rudeshur offers a safe and reliable electricity to millions of people, powering striving cities and industries. It is also the first gas power plant in the country with online monitoring, which provides predictive maintenance and improves cost efficiency. Arian Mahtab Gostar (AMG) and Siemens, who collaborated in this project, have been partners for more than a decade, serving Iran with reliable power supply. In a long partnership with AMG, Siemens has been running the power plant operations and maintenance with 40 Iranian employees since 2006.

Provides12% power demand in southern Iran during the summer.


Online monitoring for predictive maintenance and greater cost efficiency.


Up to
98% availability.


Permanent investment in equipment and
staff training

Power generation

3 Siemens F-class gas turbines generate about 750 megawatts (MW) of electrical power, fed into the national grid.

Online monitoring

1,500 signals from turbines and generators provide data, that allows Siemens experts to offer recommendations in real time in order to ensure the highest possible power plant availability.

Empowering industrial growth

Rudeshur power plant supports the manufacturing sector and improves the economy, by providing power to nearby industrial zones that generate jobs.

Feeding the country´s power demand

Siemens provides power to Tehran, so citizens can enjoy their leisure time at home or outside - even during the hottest summer days.