M2M controller for SMT Line  - SEMI SMT-ELS interface

Siemens to release SEMI SMT-ELS interface for SMT line

Download for SEMI SMT-ELS communication interface libraries and manual

Download (only Japanese)


  • Simultaneously transfers a panel with its data
  • Automatically changing production with multi-vendors

“SEMI SMT-ELS (Surface Mount Technology - Equipment Link Standards)” is the Standards suite for SMT assembly line that replaces SMEMA interface and adds data communication capabilities to make assembly line smarter.


Why need new communication standards in SMT line?


  • Data and material separately   ・・・ IO signals(SMEMA)
  • Many communication protocol ・・・   Special protocols


  • Transfer a panel and data simultaneously
  • Easily communicate with multi vendors

How to implement SEMI SMT-ELS interface?

“Easy and minimum cost” to implement SEMI SMT-ELS for existing machines.


  • Convert SMEMA to SEMI SMT-ELS
  • Support machine interface for automatically changing production

What advantage to use Siemens products?

  • SEMI SMT-ELS interface libraries free of charge
  • Support a machine interface for automated production change with TCP/IP
  • Easy parameter set and commissioning without engineering tool using web server
  • No.1 PLC global market share and many users in the world, Global service over 200 countries

What products should be prepared?

Product name

Order number


6ES7 215-1BG40-0XB0

STEP 7 Basic V16 Floating license

6ES7 822-0AA06-0YA5


*Dec. 2019

Note: SEMI SMT-ELS application is only supported by Siemens Group in Japan.

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