Siemens Korea History

Since its foundation in the 1950s, Siemens Korea has been taking the initiative in providing various business cooperation efforts, active investments and developments based on superior technology and global experience in order to create positive ties with Korean industries.
Siemens Korea

Our History

Establishment of Siemens Wind Power Ltd.
Acquisition of CD Adapco Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Siemens Healthcare Ltd.
Integration of Siemens Energy Solutions Ltd.

Acquisition of LMS Korea (Leuven Measurement System Korea)

Establishment of Siemens Energy Solutions Ltd.

Office relocation of Siemens Ltd. Seoul to Poongsan Building

Integration of Siemens Shinhwa Co., Ltd.

Acquisition of Shinhwa Electronics & Establishment of Siemens Shinhwa Co., Ltd.

Acquisition of Bayer Diagnostics & Establishment of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd.
Establishment of SUSKO (Siemens Ultrasound Systems Korea)

Integration of Siemens Building Technologies

Integration of Siemens Medical Systems

Infineon Technologies (semiconductor operations) spin-off
Acquisition of Siemens Westinghouse Power Korea

Provided acceleration and control systems for Daegu Subway project

Renamed Siemens Electrical Engineering to Siemens Ltd. Seoul
Foundation of Joint Venture Siemens Goldstar Medical Co., Ltd.

Siemens Foundation of Siemens Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Foundation of liaison office in Korea

Participated in the reconstruction and infrastructure projects after the Korean War

Siemens AG

History of Siemens AG

From a small workshop in a back courtyard in Berlin to a global corporation: Few industrial companies can look back on such a long, successful history as Siemens can.

Siemens Historical Institute

The Siemens Historical Institute has the task of documenting the diverse history of our technology company, founded in Berlin in 1847, as well as researching that history and making it accessible to a broad target audience. We work with well-known partners from academia and practical research to present the company’s economic, technical, and social development.  By bridging the gap between the past, the present and the future we help heightening the company’s profile.