Siemens Korea Management

Siemens continues to be Korea's Best Industry Partner

CEO Message

Siemens contributes to the development of the Korean economy.

Siemens has grown along with Korea's economic development for the past 70 years since participating in the post-war recovery. With consistent investment, we will put further efforts into increasing domestic R&D and manufacturing. Siemens will create added value and expand employment in Korea, contributing to the development of the Korean economy. 

Siemens is a partner to grow together with Korean companies.

Korea has highly skilled and passionate people, many world class enterprises and the economy is expected to grow steadily. As a reliable long-term partner, we will continue to cooperate with Korean companies for expanding our business together in both domestic and global markets.

Siemens is committed to ethical and transparent business management.

We will protect our environment, contribute to the local communities and abide by high ethical standards. We will continue with our guiding principle for "sustainability" which has been consistently followed since the foundation of our company.

I wish you keep the momentum together with us for growth and development.


ChewKong Lum

President & CEO

Siemens Korea