Blueprint for the future


One of SRE's key tasks is to assist Siemens business units in achieving their business goals. Not always an easy task, especially when what is involved is as new and rapidly expanding as MindSphere. First presented at the Hanover Trade Fair in 2016, this open IoT (Internet of Things) operating system from Siemens has very quickly established a reputation for itself worldwide. And demand for new office space has risen accordingly. MindSphere already has offices at around 20 locations around the globe and Application Centers at a further 20 sites, and these numbers are set to increase. A prime example is the new MindSphere office in Erlangen.



Over the last few months, a cutting-edge working environment for up to 260 employees has been developed on an area of over 4000 square meters in the top story of a Siemens building in the heart of the city. Some members of the MindSphere management team also have their offices here. The special thing about it is that while the Erlangen office uses elements of the successful Siemens Office concept, with open working environments and ample scope for creativity and collaboration, it has at the same time been specifically adapted to suit MindSphere's requirements.  

As well as a particularly large number of open areas for meetings and discussions, there are also separate scrum areas, making it possible to use the type of agile working methods that are so popular in software development. The particular "look" of the new office also owes a lot to the specific design, which was developed by MindSphere itself.



And this is just the start, as the Erlangen office is also the blueprint for future MindSphere offices which are currently being planned as part of the global rollout. SRE has developed an extensive location strategy, including existing Siemens sites but also finding new premises. The decision now lies with MindSphere, and once it has been taken, SRE will redesign the selected premises in line with MindSphere's requirements.



"In the next five years, we aim to expand globally and to be represented on every continent," says Carsten Speckmann, MindSphere's Commercial Director. "It's a big challenge. The expectations are high and there is a lot at stake. It is therefore vital to have the support of a partner like SRE, which understands our business and can be relied on to implement our requirements."