Sustainability follows our company values

Responsible, excellent and innovative. They lay the foundation for our responsible business practices and ambition to develop technologies with purpose.

Sustainability Figures

Sustainability is at the heart of our business activities. It determines our responsible business practices, our risk management approach and our technological contribution to climate protection, resource conservation and product safety in the interests of future generations.

Technology with Purpose

Innovative technology has been at the core of Siemens for more than 170 years and it will remain at the core of the future we’re building. We are committed to shaping innovative solutions that provide answers for a better future, answers for more livable and sustainable cities, answers for intelligent energy solutions, answers for connecting the real and the digital world to reduce energy consumption and increase competitiveness. Answers to lay the foundation for societies to thrive and for people to be empowered.

Mission & Strategy

As a technology company, Siemens is driven by the aspiration to address the world´s most profound challenges by leveraging the convergence of digitalization and sustainability. We help to form the backbone of society, by providing technology with purpose to make manufacturing cleaner, infrastructure more energy efficient, provide access to clean energy, transit smarter and healthier for the planet. By doing so, we help customers, cities and countries to do more with less and meet their individual sustainability goals in order to create distinct benefits for employees, people and society at large. As such, we are convinced that the future is both digital and sustainable.
UN Agenda 2030

Siemens contribution to the SDGs

In Korea, for Korea

Siemens has been doing business in Korea since 1950’s as participated in the reconstruction and infrastructure projects after the Korean War. Over the past decades, Siemens never settled in simply satisfying present-day needs, always seeking to anticipate society's demands. At Siemens, sustainability means long-term economic success coupled with environmental awareness and the social responsibility that goes with being a good corporate citizen. In this pursuit satisfying society's needs, we shaped our portfolio to quickly answer all future changes.


As a global citizen, Siemens has been targeting the sustainable goal on education, health, poverty, environment and so much more. Siemens contributes to the achievement of these goals by providing access to clean and affordable energy solutions, by creating smart and livable cities, by providing access to innovative healthcare systems and much more.


So, we have contributed Korea's sustainable growth providing various business cooperation efforts, active investments, and developments based on high technology and global experience as a partner of Korea.

Measurable factors that contribute to economic success and social stability

To determine what contribution we make to society, we use our customized Business to Society (B2S) methodology. The Business to Society method is based upon the Measuring Impact Framework developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). With this “Siemens – Business to Society” methodology we identify and measure our contribution to the things that really matter to a country, like sustaining economic growth, developing local skills and fostering innovation, sustaining the environment, strengthening the urban infrastructure, improving quality of life and shaping societal transformation. The results of this analysis help us to identify the issues and action fields that are of importance to our society. Illustrating the gathered data, our contribution to Korea's sustainable growth is shown in the Siemens Korea Value Map.

Sustainability Figures

For 173 years now, Siemens provides innovative technologies with the aspiration to improve the lives of people all over the world.


Sustainability is at the heart of our business activities. It determines our responsible business practices, our risk management approach and our technological contribution to climate protection, resource conservation and product safety in the interest of future generations.

Reporting channels

Regulations and reporting channels

The Business Conduct Guidelines contain the basic principles and rules governing the way we act within our company and in relation to our partners and the general public. They include the requirement to comply with applicable laws at all times. Siemens shows zero tolerance toward corruption, violations of the principles of fair competition and other breaches of the law – and where these do occur, we take swift action. This applies worldwide and at all levels of the organization. We provide various ways for internal and external parties to report any compliance violations. Tell Us, the Ombudsperson and accounting complaints are protected channels that Siemens employees and external stakeholders can use to raise concerns about possible violations, confidentially and if desired, also anonymously.