Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship has been an integral part of Siemens from the very beginning. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, in which we operate.

Corporate Citizenship

Good corporate citizenship is the foundation for a company's good reputation and sustainable management. Siemens is committed to bringing a better future to Korean society through a variety of social contribution activities. As a leading global company, Siemens has made a lot of efforts for Sustainability for society along with transparent management.

Ai SaRang KiKeum - Siemens Green School

In collaboration with Kids & Future Foundation and Donga Science, 'Siemens Green School' is designed to inform children, the leaders of the future, about the importance of environmental challenges and educate them about environment and science. The program is fully financed by 'Ai SaRang KiKeum', a matching grant fund that requires Siemens to donate the same amount of money donated by its employees. In addition, Siemens' voluntary employees and college students 'supporters' will assist the instructors in providing hands-on training and managing the children.

Unique opportunities to learn about environmental science offered by combining research and experience

Once a month, an eco-friendly/science educational program for elementary school children in Seoul and Metropolitan area is held. The program aims to provide diverse opportunities to learn about the seriousness of environmental pollution and what can be done to make the earth a healthier place.

Students will have firsthand experience with high-quality educational materials dedicated to bringing to life eco-friendly and renewable energy. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various experiments designed to build up their interest and knowledge in the areas of environment and science.

Professional instructors supported by well-trained college students and Siemens' voluntary employees

Siemens' employees and college students 'supporters' will attend the educational programs as one-day instructors for helping the children to enjoy a fun and safe educational experience.


- High-quality educational materials about environmental pollution and eco-friendly energy.

- Step-by-step experimental program to attract children's interest.

- Children are grouped and guided by professional volunteers.

- Educational program based on advanced curriculum for 6th graders.

Siemens 'The NANUM' Volunteer Corps

Siemens Korea launched an in-house volunteer corps named 'The NANUM' on January 2013 for the purpose of conducting tailored volunteer activities such as visiting needy neighbors and contributing on eco-friendly activities. The name 'The NANUM' volunteer corps being created by employees supporting the meaning of 'participation', aims for every employee to participate in volunteering activities at least once a year.
Sustaining communities

Enhanced living conditions in Siemens' regions

We contribute to society with a focus on social engagement, culture and education. Our cultural commitment is part of our self-understanding as a socially responsible company protecting values, unleashing creativity and inspiring progress. This involvement includes humanitarian emergency aid and financial and technical assistance in the wake of natural disasters.

Disaster relief for Nepal