Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship has been an integral part of Siemens from the very beginning. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, in which we operate.

COVID-19 relief fund

In March 2020, the Siemens Managing Board decided to form a worldwide aid fund to help relieve and combat the coronavirus pandemic.


These donations support important aid projects worldwide and provide assistance, without red tape, to individuals impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.


Employee Initiatives

A significant factor in corporate responsibility at Siemens are our employee initiatives, which combine the company's commitment to society with our employees' wish to be more engaged on a personal level.

Cents4Sense Donation Initiative

Launched in 2018, the Cents4Sense Donation Initiative enables Siemens employee shareholders around the world to donate the value of one dividend of one Siemens share towards selected social projects. Every donation is then matched by the company. 


Now in its third year, Cents4Sense has raised nearly €655,000 so far for selected social projects run by the Siemens Stiftung - a non-profit corporate foundation committed to promoting sustainable social development.


Some highlights of the projects that have benefitted from donations so far can be found in our gallery. All past and future projects of Cents4Sense represent our commitment to creating a meaningful impact in society, providing access to education and technology, and striving to make a contribution to sustainable communities. 


Corporate volunteering plays an important role in leveraging and promoting corporate citizenship at Siemens. Volunteering is an efficient way for individuals to make a difference in society and helps to enhance employee satisfaction and retention. By promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practices, we hope to further strengthen our employees’ commitment, and making a difference in the communities we live in.

Siemens Korea Corporate Citizenship

Good corporate citizenship is the foundation for a company's good reputation and sustainable management. Siemens is committed to bringing a better future to Korean society through a variety of social contribution activities. As a leading global company, Siemens will continuously make a lot of efforts for the sustainable society along with transparent management.

Siemens 'The NANUM' Volunteer Corps

Siemens Korea launched an in-house volunteer corps named 'The NANUM' on January 2013 for the purpose of conducting tailored volunteer activities such as visiting needy neighbors and contributing on eco-friendly activities. The name 'The NANUM' volunteer corps being created by employees supporting the meaning of 'participation', aims for every employee to participate in volunteering activities at least once a year.

Siemens Global Corporate Citizenship

While many of us live in a safe environment with opportunities, there are people who cannot rely on the social environment and societal network around them. Therefore, with our voluntary corporate commitment, we aim to improve the quality of life and create lasting value for society based on our portfolio, know-how and competencies. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, making education accessible to all people and share our innovative knowledge in automation, digitization as well as intelligent infrastructure.

Siemens Stiftung

The non-profit corporate foundation is committed to promoting sustainable social development. In international project work, the foundation supports people in taking the initiative to responsibly address current challenges. To support this effort, the foundation collaborates with partners to develop solutions and programs with technological and social innovation playing a central role.

The Foundation at a glance

With a start-up capital of 390 million Euros, Siemens Stiftung was established as a non-profit foundation under the German Civil Code. It complements Siemens Corporate Citizenship initiatives and cooperates with the other 6 Siemens foundations established by the company in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Colombia, in the USA and in France.

  • Areas of work: Basic needs & social entrepreneurship, education, culture
  • Focus regions: Africa, Latin America, Europe
  • Approach: operative, international, cooperative, transparent