Protecting productivity

Industrial Security enables continuously monitored and integrated security as an important basis for industrial automation.
Industrial Security

Holistic protection of industrial plants

Industrial Security is based on several lines of defense and a comprehensive approach. To make this complicated topic easier for you to manage, Siemens offers a coordinated portfolio of solutions especially for the security of industrial facilities.
Alerts and updates: Information on current threat situations in an industrial setting.

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At a glance

Industrial Security takes account of all protection levels

Security measures have to be as varied as the potential risks. An end-to-end approach and several lines of defense will reliably protect industrial facilities.

Security threats force you to take action

The risk of cyber attacks is growing along with digitalization and the increased networking of machines and industrial plants. For critical infrastructure facilities, in particular, the appropriate protective measures are therefore mandatory.

Industrial Security is a dynamic subject. Potential hazards, security risks and defense measures are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important to always maintain an overview of the current state of knowledge. We are happy to share our information with you.

Protecting productivity – Industrial Security at a glance

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Digital Enterprise

The digital enterprise is already a reality

To draw on all the benefits of digitalization, businesses must first achieve an end-to-end integration of their data. Completely digitally integrated business processes, and those of the suppliers, can help to generate a digital representation of the entire value chain. This requires an integration of industrial software and automation, expansion of communications networks, security in the area of automation and use of business-specific industrial services.

Industrial Security in practice

Siemens solutions for Industrial Security have already successfully proven themselves in practice.     

Secure industrial facilities

Always on the secure side

The solution from Siemens for Industrial Security follows a comprehensive approach. Secure automation hardware, robust software and continuous refinement of the underlying industrial security strategy ensure constant improvement to the standard of industrial security.