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Digital Services from Siemens

Leveraging on the power of data to enhance resilience & business continuity

Maintaining your building’s operations has never been more challenging or more critical

Digitalizing building operation and maintenance 

Today more than ever, the need for business continuity and resiliency is a high priority for organizations around the world. Top-performing facilities are using an intelligent maintenance approach that leverages the power of digital technology, helping make better-informed decisions.


Siemens remote connectivity enables sites to be monitored so faults can be diagnosed and, in some cases, repaired remotely. The service also brings together digital tools and data driven analytics to offer customers the ability to enable condition-based maintenance. Through automated Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD), faults are identified before they occur - reducing the chance of downtime and improving the reliability of systems. The Siemens team of experts support in optimizing the comprehensive building performance, while delivering optimal energy performance and mitigating operational risks. 

Siemens comprehensive digital services portfolio makes it possible

With a comprehensive portfolio of digital services—including cloud-based technology, highly-trained building engineers and service technicians, and proven processes, Siemens helps your building reach new levels of performance.
Smart Building
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Expert service, now digitally enhanced

Digitalization is changing the way buildings are maintained, resulting in data-driven, digital services. Thanks to digital services, an increased level of transparency into the operations of building systems and equipment is made possible, allowing for more-informed decisions and better outcomes. Download the whitepaper today. 


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