Our values – responsible, excellent & innovative

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We make real what matters

Grounded in reality, we’re inspired by the desire to shape the future – in cooperation with our partners. Leveraging our passion for engineering, we make real what matters, working with our customers to help improve the lives of people today and in the generations to come. Customers all around the world trust us and count on our knowhow and our reliability to make them more competitive.


Reliability, fairness and integrity

Now that you know about our internal communication channels, you should also be informed about our general working principles. The culture of a company and its values make the difference. People rightly associate Siemens with reliability, fairness and integrity. A foundation for this is compliance.

Compliance means that we adhere to the law and our internal rules, especially our Business Conduct Guidelines, which you have been sent together with your contract. It is the foundation for all our decisions and activities, and a key component of our business ethics. Compliance is not a program - it is an integral part of the way we implement our business activities.


To ensure that you always know the right thing to do, we provide you with resources, tools and trainings. During your first days, your manager will inform you about everything you need to know and you will be invited to mandatory trainings. 


You can also read more about the Siemens Compliance System on the internet.

Siemens Compliance System

Siemens Compliance System

Workplace safety

Zero Harm Culture

Safety is another important working principle and an integral part of our culture. No matter how important the customer, no matter how big the project, no matter how tight the deadline – we do not compromise on safety.

Our Zero Harm culture builds on three core principles:


Zero incidents – it is achievable

Unrealistic? No, we are convinced that it is possible. It is our goal for everyone to be able to work at Siemens without suffering an incident.


Health and safety – no compromises!

We don’t compromise on health and safety, regardless of the deadline or pressure. No ifs or buts.


We take care of each other

Anyone can push the big red button at any time. We keep our eyes open, and if we see risky behaviour, we intervene. We lead by example.