Big ideas start with people

Soon they will start with you. What can you expect in your first days at Siemens? What’s in it for you? What development will be available to you? And who can you contact to find out more?
Your first day

Let's get to work!

Starting a new job is always exciting. Have a look at the timeline to see what you can expect from your first day. We are happy to have you on board and will do our best to make to make sure you have a great experience.
Compensation & Benefits

Curious about what is in it for you?

We at Compensation & Benefits (CB) strive to provide you with best-in-class income which is fair compared to other internal positions as well as other positions on the market. 

Check out our Total Rewards Framework below, which shows you the main income elements, monetary and non-monetary. In the Total Rewards Framework we illustrate the main reward elements, and you can expect a selection of these depending on your country’s and contract group’s conditions.


The position and the country you work in has a significant impact on the income elements you will receive: Whether you are eligible for a particular element depends on your position and your country’s employment conditions.



Helping you with practicalities

To be well prepared for your first day, you may have a few questions. If you need any information about your employment, salary, or other work related, please topics contact AskHR. 

We are happy to support you in any way we can, and we will do our best to make your transition as quick and as smooth as possible. Once you have started in your new position, you can visit the HR intranet for more information.

Learning and development opportunities

Expanding your talent

Shaping the future is all about conquering the present. By providing the framework that will allow you to drive your own personal and professional growth, we will succeed. Together, we can achieve our vision.
“Lifelong Learning is the core of shaping the future of Siemens. As colorful as our challenges and our employees are as colorful is the Learning World at Siemens. Systematic learning paths foster your career, electronic learning opportunities support you in your day-to-day challenges, hackathons and labs connect you with like-minded colleagues – following our motto: Just do – and learn”
Dr. Kai-Holger Liebert, Head Global Learning Campus, Siemens AG
Siemens Social Network

Effective group communication

You can count on AskHR for work-related questions. For questions in task-specific areas, visit our social network to draw on the knowledge of more experienced colleagues all around the world. You can join and set up groups, share ideas, discuss issues and solve problems with other members of your workgroup. Online networks give you the chance to take advantage of fast and global interaction.

This is a great way to connect with people who face the same issues and questions, but might be working in completely different countries or divisions.

As soon as you start working at Siemens, you can create your own profile and join the community. We are looking forward to seeing you there.