For 7 pens and bits and pieces - milled on a 3 axis machine tool

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The workpiece

The CNC4you "Pen holder" workpiece is milled from aluminum and has a personal engraving on it. In spite of having a free-form surface, this workpiece can be machined on a 3-axis machine: This particular sample was machined on a Kaast VF-Mill HP760 equipped with a CNC Sinumerik 828D.


All information required for the reproduction, tool data, drawings and ShopTurn machining plan are summarized in the following sections.


The programs and files have been created and tested with the greatest care in accordance with the requirements listed in the manufacturing description. However, the manufacturing of the workpieces offered is at your own risk. Siemens accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury. Workpiece manufacture is only permitted for private and not industrial use. Passing on the manufactured workpieces or production documents to a third party for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.


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