Standing strong against any threat

Power supply reliability is more important than ever before – on all voltage levels, from the point of grid infeed all the way to the consumer. Discover solutions from Siemens that help establish highly resilient power systems that immediately recover from disruptive events and adapt to impending threats and dangers. 
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Identifying risks, increasing reliability

A holistic approach to power infrastructure resilience

The influencing factors on modern power systems are numerous, and they are constantly changing. That’s why it takes an integrated, intelligent, and comprehensive concept to protect today’s power systems. Such a concept needs to cover the entire power system on all voltage levels and to anticipate all possible risks. A main constituent of power system protection is to implement resilience. A more resilient power infrastructure has a higher ability to withstand disruptive events, reduce their impact, and speed up recovery.

Resilience with and despite digitalization

In the wake of digitalization, power systems have evolved from relatively self-contained, straightforward networks to complex intelligent infrastructures that are more prone to incidents of natural and human origin across multiple levels. Addressing the potential risks associated with this inescapable process as well as other developments, such as climate change, the rise of distributed power systems, and vandalism require resilience to be an integral part of all future power system operation, optimization, and planning.

You can never avoid failures completely. The trick is to incorporate enough fault tolerance into a system and to make it learn from past failures to become even more stable in the future. That’s the essence of resilience.
Michael Schwan, Head of Power System Consulting, Siemens PTI

Standing strong against any threat

The numerous aspects of power infrastructure resilience have one thing in common: They are based on the ability to anticipate, react, adapt, and recover quickly thanks to fast, targeted, and effective action on the physical as well as on the digital and the systemic side.

Proactive, holistic power system protection

The resilience of a power infrastructure stands or falls with the weakest system component. It is crucial to identify all possible disruptive factors, anticipate incidents, and proactively secure the entire system. That’s why Siemens has developed a unique, holistic, three-dimensional approach.


A smarter strategy for the future of energy 

From risk spotting to smarter management and faster issue resolution, energy resilience transforms the performance of your on-site energy equipment and improves your risk management, helping you adhere to regulatory compliance and meet customer demand. 

What if suddenly all power was gone?

Superstorm Sandy left over 9 million people in the greater New York City area without power. See how New York City resident Naera Kim experienced one of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history.

Project references

Power infrastructure resilience put into practice

Power infrastructure resilience embraces many different physical, digital, and systemic aspects. Discover how our solutions work in practice in some of our top project references.


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