How can smart technology make the future brighter?

At EXPO 2017 in Astana, visitors could glimpse into the future. Smart Grid technology ensures uninterrupted and reliable energy distribution at the whole EXPO site and beyond. Just like EXPO 2017, the future of energy looks bright. That’s Ingenuity for life.

Smart Grid for EXPO 2017

Power supply at the EXPO 2017 exhibition complex has been arranged with the help of Smart Grid technology produced by Siemens. The latest technologies provide uninterrupted power for the exhibition pavilions, and help reduce costs by cutting losses.

Astana has become the first city in Kazakhstan where a pilot project for Smart Grid implementation was launched. A new dispatch center (DC) for power grid management has been created as part of the project. The modern power facility consolidates networks operation and performs full monitoring of the equipment load. Currently, the center is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced in Kazakhstan. Owing to the center the observability of the distribution network increases and the risk of human error during operation decreases by as much as 100%.

Siemens solutions allow the combination of all key elements of the exhibition complex power supply into a single intelligent network. Microprocessor devices with relay protection of the fifth generation have been used for the first time, which are able not just to shut down damaged areas automatically, but also to transmit online information about the incident to the dispatch center. Metering and quality-control devices used at EXPO are capable of processing data on power consumption at the exhibition territory, as well as monitoring the quality of power supply from Astana city networks.

Sustainable development of power supply

Technology of the future: Smart Grid

The main objective of Smart Grid technology is to make the production, transmission and distribution of electric power safer and more efficient. Smart Grid technology combines up-to-date power supply opportunities with innovations in digital technologies, in order to manage the entire power grid successfully. Precise calculations provide for reduced power losses and ensure an uninterrupted supply. A distinctive feature of the Smart Grid is self-diagnostics and self-recovery, meaning the system can identify emergency network areas and readjust automatically.
EXPO 2017

EXPO 2017

The pilot project for the implementation of Smart Grid at EXPO 2017 is closely related to the main theme of the exhibition – Energy of the Future. As an official partner of the event, Siemens presented its innovative approach to effective and safe electric power supply at the corporate stand.
Power supply efficiency solutions for buildings

Automation and safety equipment for buildings at EXPO 2017

Siemens not only introduced Smart Grid technology, but also equipped several facilities of the exhibition with the automation and safety equipment for buildings. Office of the Organizing Committee, Center for Energy Research and Jet Ventilation of Underground Car Parkings all use the latest automation systems, such as Desigo. Desigo is a system of freely-programmable automation stations (controllers) and control (dispatch) stations for the full range of applications in the field of building automation. Innovative WEB technology, high-performance database and open communication make Desigo financially a wise investment in the long term. The system uses two principles in its operation at EXPO 2017 facilities: Individual approach to maintaining optimum microclimates in particular premises, and strict power-consumption control governed by actual needs at any given time. This decreases power consumption by 30% without sacrificing comfort level. It also simplifies the maintenance of engineering systems and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases.

Smart Grid