Siemens is the official partner of EXPO-2017. At the international exhibition the company will introduce its innovative technologies for efficient and sustainable energy. 
About EXPO

International Exhibition EXPO-2017

From June 10 to September 10, 2017 Astana will host an international exhibition EXPO-2017. More than 115 countries and 10 international organizations are taking part in EXPO. Siemens will also be a part of this grand event, which for many years has served as a platform for demonstrating the most advanced technical inventions.

World exhibitions have long history dating back to almost 150 years. Such events have gained popularity and are now being compared to World Championships or the Olympic Games. According to the experts more than 1 billion people attended EXPO since it opened its doors for the first time in 1851 in London. People are attracted by the opportunity to be the first to see technical innovations. A lot of inventions that are now a part of our daily lives were first introduced during EXPO, such as telephone, X-ray machine, zipper, wafer cup for ice cream, telecasting, touch screen and others. In 2017 EXPO is taking place for the first time in Kazakhstan, and we still have to find out which technical innovations will see the light this year.

Siemens at EXPO-2017

Siemens has become an official partner of the World EXPO-2017 in Astana and will present its solutions at a corporate booth. 

The main topic of the forthcoming exhibition is Future Energy. Energy is one of the main focus areas for Siemens. In the framework of EXPO-2017 Siemens will showcase innovative technologies for efficient and sustainable energy. At the booth visitors will learn about advanced solutions for energy generation, transmission and distribution as well as Smart Grid technology.

There will be regular thematic events at the booth. You can learn more about the program of events by clicking Download the timetable below. Please, be informed that the program is subject to change. The most recent version is available at our website.    

Siemens booth

Key topics

At the booth Siemens will showcase its core business activities.

EXPO-2017 entrance tickets

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Several types of tickets are available for the visitors of World EXPO-2017 in Astana. There are tickets with an open date for a weekday, with an open date for a weekend as well as tickets with fixed dates. You can find out more information and purchase the tickets at the official website of EXPO-2017.