Productivity and sustainability in the food and beverage industry

Smart environments for the digital enterprise enable the food and beverage industry to maximize its productivity and sustainability

Smart environments for the digital enterprise

To meet increasingly individualized customer requirements quickly and with top quality, the food and beverage industry is focusing on maximum flexibility and productivity. At the same time, sustainability has grown hugely in importance: Decarbonization, careful use of resources, and energy efficiency are key factors for success in global competition. A comprehensive approach makes it possible: Networking the shop floor, buildings, and infrastructure using digital solutions and services, and making smart use of energy to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize costs.

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Discover the comprehensive approach to productivity and sustainability

From research and development to logistics, from automation to the energy supply system and facility management: With smart environments for the digital enterprise, you can benefit from the advantages of digitalization and gain valuable competitive advantages.
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Turn market requirements into competitive advantage

The food and beverage industry is a consumer-oriented market in which not only consumer wishes for increasingly personalized products and services but also sustainable products and production systems play a major role. How can these drivers be turned into new competitive advantages?

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

The solution is to consider the entire facilities, processes, buildings, and infrastructure regarding their environmental impact. This means: optimize your energy consumption – by making use of greater transparency to improve your energy efficiency. Based on this holistic approach, first decarbonization measures are triggered. Furthermore, this implies the transition to renewables and the efficient use of resources. You’ll make significant savings, in addition to helping the environment. And as a result, you’ll achieve your decarbonization targets.

Sustainably ensure productivity

Reliable production isn’t an option if your plant doesn’t have a dependable energy supply. But even that isn’t enough, if you want to ensure uninterrupted operations: The safety and security of people, products, and processes must be ensured at all times, in production facilities as well as in office and administrative buildings. A digital production and smart building management system help you to reduce time to market, minimize energy consumption and increase productivity.

Maximize flexibility

Trends and rapidly changing customer requirements characterize the food and beverage industry. New products must be developed quickly in order to manufacture them reliably and in top quality using production facilities adapted with equal speed. Innovative solutions help you to design, engineer, configure and validate personalized products as well as the production. This enables you to leverage complexity and gives you a competitive advantage.

New level of transparency

Where is the largest amount of energy consumption on your shop floor and in your buildings, and how can you optimize consumption without affecting productivity? Data and consequent data management are the key to a new level of transparency that will help you make right and quick decisions. Intelligent power management and monitoring tools empower you to optimize energy consumption and efficiency across the facility in order to use resources as efficiently and productively as possible.

Successfully implementing your digital transformation

Where to start, how to do it, what are the next steps? Getting advice at the start of your digital journey helps you set off in the right direction. The steps toward accessing the data you need are to establish IT and OT connectivity within the company: we link the real world with the digital world so you can intelligently use the data generated within your company. What does that mean? Connecting intelligent devices as well as gathering and analyzing big data from buildings, energy supply and production lines together with digital twins and artificial intelligence will support your digital transformation.

Flexible production with the digital twin

By linking and making smart use of all product and production-relevant data, companies in the food and beverage industry can respond more quickly to unexpected events and market requirements. That’s exactly what you get with our Digital Enterprise portfolio, which links the real and digital worlds. It’s all made possible by a comprehensive digital twin, which integrates the entire product lifecycle with the factory and/or plant lifecycle and performance data. The result is a continuous cycle of optimization for products and production. Watch the video to learn more!

Smart buildings and reliable energy optimize your production

The opportunities for industrial firms to optimize their sustainability and productivity are not limited to production facilities and processes. There’s additional potential in your energy supply system and buildings. A smart energy supply and building infrastructure allows you to leverage optimization potentials in your buildings and production facilities, to improve cost-effectiveness and increase efficiency. Smart environments also support productivity and safety for both people and machines.


Comprehensive solutions for the shop floor, buildings, and plant

This is where you can find our range of solutions for the food and beverage industry. Discover our comprehensive portfolio to improve sustainability and productivity on your shop floor, in your buildings, and throughout your plant.

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