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At Siemens, we love industrial automation and drive the digital transformation forward every day, together with our customers and partners. With the unique automation concept Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), we ensure seamless interaction of all components and competencies, while thinking and acting in open ecosystems. The result is maximum transparency, not only at the field level, but across all vertical levels up to the corporate management level. In addition to new technologies, which we integrate step by step, we also adopt new approaches to collaboration, experiment together, learn from each other and make new things the standard.                                                                                  Dive into our holistic automation offering and learn via use cases, references and success stories how you can work with us to bring more flexibility, productivity and new business models to your company.

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Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform and marketplace with the ambition to create a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation tailored to your specific business goals. Making digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.


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The world of automation is in constant movement. Following is an overview of latest references, software and product highlights, and success stories:


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