COVID-19 Situation in the Middle East


As the world unites to face the challenges caused by the Coronavirus crisis, it is imperative for us to ensure that you are all following the right measures to stay safe and healthy and protect others around you. You can only do so by keeping yourself informed with the latest developments from credible sources locally and globally. This website has been created as a source of guidance and support to all Siemens employees in the Middle East and will be updated as necessary with the latest information, policies and measures. 

We are experiencing a global crisis of extraordinary proportions, unprecedented to many of us. We must all stand together to overcome this hardship and emerge stronger as mankind. Every organization, society and individual has a role to play in this. At Siemens, we promise to stand by our employees, our customers and the rest of the world, and we are prepared to take the necessary steps to protect you and your families and maintain our business operations. Let's all do our part to help flatten the curve.
Dietmar Siersdorfer, Siemens Middle East CEO

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Our Policies & Measures

We encourage all employees to work from home, if possible, depending on the type of work and the available setup. Please discuss with your teams to determine whether someone would need to be in the office and decide who that person would be.


We're well-equipped to carry out routine office tasks from our homes thanks to useful tools like Circuit, Microsoft Teams, Syncplicity, URA 2.0 and Zscaler. 

If you will continue to operate from your usual working environment, please ensure that you maintain an appropriate distance (1.5 meters) from other colleagues and use the entire space available while also maintaining daily hygiene practices.


Please reduce the number of external visitors to a minimum and only engage in business-critical meetings. Every visitor needs to check in at the reception.

For Siemens UAE Employees:

  • If you have to be in the office, you must get a permission letter from the CEO/CFO and bring along your PKI and Emirates ID when you go to work
  • During the UAE sterilization program, residents have been told to strictly stay home from 8 pm to 6 am. Guidelines have been issued to stay home along with fines for violators of restrictions. Violators will end up paying a fine of 3,000 AED. If you still need to go out during this time, you must get a permit through the official website. Public transportation will also be suspended during these hours to enforce the restriction.
    For more information on the curfew rules and fines click here.

All employees at higher risk of getting infected with the Coronavirus should work from home if possible. This includes but is not limited to:


• Employees who are 55+ years old

• Pregnant women

• Employees with chronic illnesses and medical conditions (Heart disease, Diabetes, Lung disease)

• Employees who have household members who are at a higher risk for COVID-19


If you are in one of these risk groups, please discuss with your manager and reach out to your local HR/EHS teams.

If you are an employee with school-aged children, please align with your manager and consider your options to either reduce accumulated overtime, take some holidays or some form of unpaid leave, if needed. Working from home can also be an option if the type of work, setup and childcare allows for it.

In addition to the existing travel policies, international and domestic travel is limited to business-critical cases only and must otherwise be replaced with Circuit or other virtual meetings. Any business trip abroad should be approved by the respective OpCo head and the Country CEO.

We ask employees to cease or reduce personal travel. The risk categorization of countries could change abruptly and you may not be able to return if flights are disrupted. 

We're all in this together!

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Home-office Tips

Day-to-day tips

 1. Set clear goals and limits for your working day

Working from home can easily develop into working around the clock. Therefore, it is important to set a beginning and an end to the workday and to take breaks in between.


 2. Get organized

Make a schedule and stick to it. It provides structure to your workday and helps you to stay focused and motivated. A clean desk, and a dedicated space for your work activities are crucial elements to remain focused and productive.


3. Get dressed

To get dressed in a proper way helps you to switch from "pyjama-mode" to "working-mode".

4. Keep up the team spirit 

Social distancing does not prevent us from getting closer - virtually. Plan time to connect and exchange with colleagues so that you don’t feel isolated during these difficult times. For example, daily stand-up meetings with your team do not only help you update each other on the daily task force, but also help you to stay in touch and stick together.


 5. Make meetings short and relevant

Create an agenda in advance by asking participants for input on topics and expectations for the meeting. Stick to the agenda, use it for navigation through the meeting and keep the focus on the purpose of the meeting.

IT Tips

1. Only make video calls when extremely necessary


2. Reduce the screen sharing to a minimum


3. If possible, schedule meetings with a delay of 2-7 minutes (e.g. at 9.05 instead of 09.00 sharp or at 10.33 instead of 10.30)


4. Have Circuit meetings only for business purposes. Use Microsoft Teams and other communications tools. 

5. If you have a company phone, use it for 1-1 calls


6. You don't need URA (Pulse Secure) for everything. Tools like Outlook, Syncplicity, myIT Portal and Circuit do not need URA 2.0. You can connect to them on a regular Internet connection, too.


7. Our IT systems have been ramped up to allow for a smooth home-office experience by introducing Zscaler as an alternative to URA 2.0 and Microsoft Teams as an alternative to Circuit. If you have any problems connecting to either application, please try the alternative options. 

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