Siemens & Scientechnic: a partnership shaping the future of engineering

For more than four decades, Siemens and Scientechnic have been empowering customers across Dubai and the Northern Emirates with innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.
45 years of partnership

Unlocking the Potential of collaboration

With a vision to combine local expertise and engineering excellence, Siemens and Scientechnic, the flagship company of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC, have worked together for 45 years to provide customers with constant innovation and unparalleled reliability.

Collaboration between Siemens and Scientechnic began in 1973. In 1978, Scientechnic became the exclusive agent for Siemens AG across Dubai and the Northern Emirates, and a contributor to the remarkable growth and transformation of the UAE since that time.

The partnership combines a global technology network offering access to all the skills and expertise necessary to manage even the most complex projects with a strong local partner who supplies the regional knowledge and capacity so crucial to success.

As a result, Scientechnic, in collaboration with Siemens, has established itself as the top integrated solution providers of advanced electrical, mechanical, power, automation and mobility technologies.

Based on a foundation of collaboration, teamwork and trust, the two companies help customers meet the needs of the fast-growing UAE and regional economy.


Important milestones of our partnership

Building the nation

Supporting exponential growth across Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Scientechnic has grown quickly over the decades, mirroring the fast-paced development of the UAE, and particularly Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Ever since identifying the early need for power engineering products and services, Siemens and Scientechnic have worked together to remain pioneers in the field.

The UAE, and cities like Dubai, are known to the world because of the ambition and engineering feats of its most iconic construction projects.

Scientechnic supports these projects by drawing on Siemens’ advanced technologies and implementation capabilities of the highest standards. Over the decades, the two companies have contributed their technologies, engineering capabilities, services and solutions to the success of these projects and infrastructure developments.


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