SPACe 2017

Digitalization continues to change our lives and transform industries. Experience how automation drives digitalization.
Process Automation

Siemens Process Automation Community

SPACe is the community to share experiences for companies in the process industry of any size on how to gain a competitive advantage through smarter automation and digitalization. With a focus on digitalization, we will be presenting our innovative hardware and software portfolio for process automation such as the new version of our DCS system SIMATIC PCS 7. As well as the strong breakout session programme with a focus around migration, industrial communication, process safety & engineering, our IoT platform Mindsphere, cybersecurity and many more. We have also planned the conference so that there are many opportunities for you to network and share your experiences with each other. Join us and discover our SPACe experience zone, spread over 800 square meters, showcasing the latest technologies, innovations and solutions.   Get in touch

Fairmont Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Khor Al Maqta – Abu Dhabi


What's happening when

Mariam Saliba – Sky News Arabia

Klaus Helmrich – Siemens AG, Board Member

Digitalization continues to change our lives and transform industries. Klaus Helmrich, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, tells the story of how automation drives digitalization.

Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri – Mubadala Petroleum, CEO

Qasem Al Kayoumi – ADNOC, Manager Technical Center

Klaus Helmrich (Siemens AG, Board Member); Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri (Mubadala Petroleum, CEO); Dietmar Siersdorfer (Siemens LLC, CEO); Qasem Al Kayoumi (ADNOC, Manager Technical Center); Wolfgang Morr (ARC, Senior Consultant), Mariam Saliba (Sky News Arabia)

This panel kicks off with a general overview of the global process industry market, briefly zooming in on the Middle East, before outlining the changes the Oil and Gas sector has started to make in lieu of new market realities. The discussion will revolve around how economies, companies and educational systems need to adapt to changing market requirements and how strategic alliances can help them do so.

Wolfgang Morr - ARC, Senior Consultant

Eckard Eberle – CEO Process Automation Siemens AG

Eckard Eberle (Siemens Process Automation, CEO); Uwe Troeger (Siemens LLC, Division Head);  Philippe Peccard (Linde, President Engineering); Shaik Ismail (Al Khaleej Sugar, Deputy Manager); Rebecca Vangenechten (Siemens LLC, Business Unit Head)

This session will dive deeper into how productivity and efficiency can be boosted in the process industries. The panel will look at process transparency and control, as well as the role of partnerships and the necessary steps to implement new technologies in the future. It will also discuss ways to secure investments in the long-run.

Muhammad Zubair - BAPCO, OE Specialist

Jan Pawlewitz – Head of Global Accounts, General Manager, Siemens Industry Software, Plant Engineering Software COMOS

Digitalization is changing the world. And data is at the center of that change. Jan Pawlewitz’s presentation will demonstrate how Siemens helps you harness that data —an all-too-often hidden or untapped asset in the oil and gas industry—to optimize the management of critical assets.

Eitan Goldstein – Senior Manager, Industrial Cyber Security Siemens

Securing complex, open energy ecosystems without impacting performance is one of the core challenges for energy companies. Siemens has built a dedicated energy cyber portfolio to address customer needs at every point in the journey.

A) Leveraging the Power of Integration in process automation

Vahid Gholizadeh, Product Portfolio Manager, Siemens

  • How to build a seamless Integrated Control and safety system (ICSS)
  • State of Art Solution for Power Automation and Telecontrol/Scada system in process plant
  • Secured & Effective integration to third party by OPC UA

B) Integrated Engineering, Integrated Operations – Making data work

Jan Pawlewitz, Head of Global Accounts, General Manager, Siemens Industry Software,Plant Engineering Software COMOS and Markus Kraus, Siemens PLM Software

With COMOS, Siemens is the only company to offer the process industry a software solution for the integrated management of plant projects, ensuring that engineers and operators can access all project-relevant data at all time, across all company levels, company-wide and worldwide. Combining COMOS, SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMIT, Siemens can offer a digital engineering toolset that works to create a running plant simulation to represent the behavior of the process plant aka the digital twin. Your digital twin will improve testing, virtual commissioning and high-fidelity operator training.

A) Digital Inspection service for O&G pipelines

Mike Liepe, Siemens AG and Claudia Windisch, Siemens Austria

A growing number of drone applications show the technology's potential. Access to remote locations, lower costs, and risk reduction are creating new possibilities and optimizing existing practices. This technical breakout session focuses on the digital monitoring and inspection of pipelines using airborne mobile sensors and image based data analytics. The generation of value from diversified sensor data for handling, analysis and visualization of large scale data will be presented in line with an European use case.

B) Value proposition for strategic analytical partnership & improvement opportunities

Manoj Kumar, Senior Analyzer Engineer, EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Strategic partnerships are a “win-win” for both parties as they work together to develop innovative technologies and solutions ahead of the market. In this session, we have a partner reference focused on a turn-key project including engineering, manufacturing and product development.

A) Modular automation and state based control for O&G production facilities

Michael Schnurrbusch, Product Portfolio Management and PLM , Siemens AG

Modularization of production facilities is a concept which is receiving increasing attention by the Oil & Gas industry. This modularization accelerates engineering phase and allows all benefits of prefabrication such as accelerated installation and commissioning and provides possibility of re-use of modules.

But how to consistently support the modular design with the plant automation system? What is a cost efficient structure? And how does the safety instrumented system fit into the modular structure?

This breakout session introduces the modular automation concept for mid-size O&G production facilities, which are located remotely and operate “low-manned”. Furthermore, the modular automation will be elaborated taking early and unconventional oil production facilities as an example.

B) Digitalization in the Water Industry – Already a reality with the SMART Water portfolio of Siemens

Dr. Markus Lade - Siemens AG General Manager at Siemens AG Germany, Global Head of Water/Wastewater Vertical

Integrated operations using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology with the Siemens MindSphere Platform to create a powerful eco-system with data analytics and connectivity capabilities which helps water utility customers to evaluate and utilize their data for gaining breakthrough insights and driving performance as well as optimizing assets for maximized uptime. All in order to secure drinking water supply and quality at an optimized cost.

A) Process Safety & Security

Thomas Bartsch, Sales Development, Siemens AG

B) Smart & Intuitive Operation

Jan Henning, Product Manager PCS 7, Siemens AG

  • Orientation Level In DCS
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Asset management & Performance monitoring