Committed to building the New Iraq Together

With an 80-year presence in Iraq, Siemens' advanced technologies support the infrastructure needs of the country.
Iraq and Siemens

A long term partnership

Let’s launch future Iraqi generations together through the electrification of the New Iraq!  

Electricity is a critical enabler of economic growth and essential for a nation to thrive. That’s particularly the case in a country like Iraq, where power demand is growing approximately 6% a year. That’s an additional 1,500 MW needed every 12 months. For more than 80 years, Siemens has been operating in Iraq, helping to support the country’s development. Today, over 50% of the electricity generated in Iraq is distributed by Siemens technology.  As a long-term partner we look forward to supporting the ongoing rebuilding of the country’s critical power infrastructure and bringing reliable electricity to every corner of Iraq. We are committed to help Iraq realize its enormous potential.

We are committed to repowering Iraq and supporting the country’s transformation in areas of education, healthcare and fight against corruption.

Joe Kaeser, President and CEO, Siemens AG


80 Years in Iraq

Siemens Technology supports Iraq's development plans.

80 Years in Iraq


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