Sustainable growth through world-class technology

With global expertise and a local presence in Lebanon for more than 70 years, we are strengthening the country’s energy sector.

Lebanon Energy Day 2019

Siemens experts shared a comprehensive approach to complement Lebanon’s strategic energy plan at the Energy Day 2019 organized under the patronage of Ministry of Energy and Water. Discover and explore our technical papers and get insights into a sustainable energy mix and digitalized power supply.

The power of change

Fulfilling Lebanon’s electricity potential

Digitalized power, efficiently produced and distributed, is the building block of Lebanon’s future. Around 40% of electricity in the country is generated by Siemens technologies, and we are developing Lebanon’s energy sector to be more efficient and to support a greener economy.


We offer world-class products ranging from turbines and generators to switchgear substations and intelligent energy storage. With the expertise of being a strategic partner to Lebanon for 70 years, we know the economic and environmental requirements of each region. We are at the heart of the country’s energy sector and will pave the way for electricity to reach every corner of Lebanon. Together we are stronger!


70 years of partnership


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