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As one of the world’s largest combined cycle power plant operators, Siemens covers all aspects of power plant operation and maintenance, ensuring that your power plant runs in the safest and most economical manner.
Operation & Maintenance Services

Maximize your profit while enjoying peace of mind

From the advisory service up to complete operation and maintenance of the power plant, Siemens offers a wide O&M portfolio.

Siemens is not only a repair component or solution provider, but also a major service provider including complete O&M services for your entire power plant. Whether you are an independent power producer, a public utility or a manufacturer producing your own power, our O&M services can help you maximize profit, boost your operating efficiency and reduce downtimes while offering the most extensive warranties.

The operation and maintenance agreement with Siemens incorporates the latest innovative technology, which is ideally suited for our MidElec power plant. It also helps us drive new levels of efficiency and productivity by reducing downtime and helping identify operational challenges in advance.
Amr El Lithy, Chairman and Managing Director of MidElec Power Plant

More than 30 years of experience in power plant operation and maintenance