Cybercriminals are feasting on Coronavirus-induced remote working. Here’s how to stop them

As humanity embarks on a global experiment in remote work to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the benefits of all that investment in digitalizing the energy industry are becoming apparent. Power plants, oil and gas facilities and other critical infrastructure are demonstrating their potential to operate on skeleton staffs.

But other, digital, viruses are lurking, and are feeding on the growing reliance on sometimes unsecured networks. These electronic pathogens can’t be snuffed out with vaccines and social distancing. With cybersecurity risks rising, critical infrastructure operators must become even more vigilant because any outages could devastate the already fragile global economy.

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Study 2019: Caught in the Crosshairs – Are Utilities Keeping Up With the Industrial Cyber Threat?

Assessing operational readiness of the global utilities sector.

In an era of increased remote work, getting cybersecurity measures right is a significant priority. Some solutions require planning and investments, but here are some simple measures that can give an immediate boost to your cyber immunity:

  1. Educate your employees on cybersecurity and increase their alertness for potential cyber threats
  2. Make risk-assessments of your OT environment, including the remote workers' computing setups and disaster recovery plans
  3. Implement secure remote connection and real-time monitoring of your operating networks

The good news is, we are here to help. Siemens’ portfolio includes solutions for secured remote connections, data diode and plant security monitoring.

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April 20, 2020

By: Ziad Al Sati, Vice President Controls & Digitalization at Siemens for the Middle East


Combined picture credits: Siemens AG

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