Remote work isn’t just for office tasks. It can also apply in power plants 

As the global response to the coronavirus pandemic halts economies, transportation networks and life as we know it, availability of critical infrastructure to meet our basic needs has become crucial. As a leading service provider for the energy industry, our top priority at Siemens is keeping the lights on.  

This isn’t just a saying: we provide crucial services for the energy sector and power plants around the world which literally keep the lights on. And we are prepared to deliver, even in the current crisis. Siemens has a deployment-ready solution to help power plant and other critical infrastructure operators overcome extreme disruptions: Omnivise Remote Services (ORS).

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We came up with the ORS concept in 2015 to address a similar set of challenges to those we are facing today. A power plant in North Africa was overdue for maintenance, but due to the conflict Siemens employees were barred from entering the country. So we provided training and remote support to the customer to successfully complete the major outage.

That experience prompted us to think differently about service, especially how we can use the latest and most secure communications tools. From minor inspections to major outages, Siemens ORS can provide customers with a vast pool of remote expertise, even if our field service personnel can’t physically be there. Containing a live audio, video and augmented reality software, ORS enables collaboration with our global network of experts, helping operators monitor, maintain and repair assets.


In the era of severe travel restrictions and social distancing, remote work can no longer be a luxury for office tasks. We need to use existing tools and promising new technologies like augmented reality to provide the best expertise, everywhere and all the time. Check out our ORS website for more information.

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April 20, 2020

By: Gianluigi Di Giovanni, Head of Power Generation Services Middle East and North Africa


Combined picture credits: Siemens AG

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