A connected Middle East means seamlessly interfacing the physical world of humans and machines with the virtual world of big data. Turning the virtual world’s big data into smart data enables customers to gain even more value with a better-informed decision-making process – that is the key to competitiveness today.
In depth

The digital leap

Armies of sensors and actuators tirelessly collect, monitor, automate and optimize processes for today’s economy. But the digital leap is driving a transformation towards precision decision-making for all sectors, in order to achieve even greater efficiencies from engineering, manufacturing, supply chain to maintenance and service. A new paradigm driven by digitalization is for companies to spend less on assets and maintenance. In short, what can companies do to “get it right” with big data and achieve less operational risk with a seamless user experience?
Digitalization in practice

3D-printing is taking off!

Digitalization presents regions such as the Middle East the opportunity to leapfrog over manufacturing strongholds into pole position in the age of Industry 4.0. With end-to-end digital know-how to improve performance, Siemens is helping aircraft parts manufacturer Strata to 3D-print the first aircraft components for Etihad Airways, UAE’s national airline.

A revolution in the aerospace industry

By leveraging the advantages of both digital simulation and additive manufacturing, Etihad Airways, Strata Manufacturing and Siemens aim to help airlines not only improve their designs but overhaul the manufacturing process – including making complex parts on demand and manufacturing discontinued parts. Siemens is the only maker of industrial equipment worldwide to offer an end-to-end portfolio for 3D printing that combines automation and digitalization.

Etihad Airways sees huge potential for this technology in aviation over conventional manufacturing methods because it makes the design, production and delivery of parts faster, enabling rapid prototyping, manufacture and repair.

Case study

Leveraging digital technology to ensure availability

Julphar makes insulin available and affordable for all by locally producing up to 40 million vials a year with the help of Siemens technology.
Digitalization report

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Preparing for the digital era: the state of digitalization in GCC businesses. Siemens and Strategy& have partnered to co-author the report ‘Preparing for the digital era: the state of digitalization in GCC businesses’