Digital Grid

Digital Grid Center: driving energy intelligence

The Digital Grid Center focuses on advancing the digitalization of energy systems in the Middle East, supporting smarter cities and industry.

Digital Grid Center

Supporting our customers in their digital transformation

Located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the center enables Siemens to collaborate with customers in developing, demonstrating and testing digital energy solutions, and provides remote support for the utilities, oil & gas, industrial and infrastructure sectors.


Using lab simulations and live data connections, the Digital Grid Center enables Siemens to remotely provide service and support for customer operations, including preventive and corrective maintenance, simulation and testing. Customers can now witness Factory Acceptance Tests conducted abroad without needing to travel, using a live remote monitoring system to ensure equipment is ready to be installed on-site. 

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Focus on the 6 pillars of digitalization

With a dedicated team of engineers, the center focuses on six pillars of digitalization: Remote Collaboration, Cloud & Data (IoT), Cyber Security, Digital Substation, Digital Twin and Energy Efficiency Analytics.

Cloud systems

The center demonstrates the potential of connecting energy systems to the Internet of Things (IoT), capturing data for consolidation, visualization and analysis in a cloud-based operating system such as Siemens’ MindSphere. MindSphere enables the connection of products, plants, systems and machines to the Internet of Things, deriving real-world value from data using advanced analytics. The Digital Grid Center shows how these technologies can turn big data into smart data, unlocking greater potential from energy networks to improve reliability, efficiency and grid safety. 

Digital twin

Customers can also experience how digital twin technology can replicate physical grid infrastructure in the virtual world, simulating the performance of energy networks before they’re constructed. Insights from these digital twins can then be used to support the planning and design of grids for long-term reliability, performance and cost efficiency.

End-to-End Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a core element of the Digital Grid Center. Operational Technology (OT) is a rapidly growing target for cyber-attacks and the protection of critical infrastructure requires a holistic, always-active approach to security. Siemens offers comprehensive cyber security services for industry, utilities and power grid operators, and the Digital Grid Center allows customers to embrace the digital transformation while keeping data and equipment secure.