Webinar: Clean Agent Extinguishing Overview

18th of November – 1pm KSA Time

Clean Agent Extinguishing Overview

When Fire occurs, people evacuate the building while the equipment or the fixed assets stay back and failure to protect them can destroy the business. Therefore, business continuity in case of Fire is always an important aspect of Fire protection. The fire protection historically used Pre-action Sprinkler Systems which protects people and building structure. However, the pre-action sprinkler systems destroy assets and closes or interrupts continuity of the business. Whereas, the clean agent extinguishing systems preserves assets, leave no residue, and minimize loss, cost, and downtime. Especially now with the increased construction of data centers and server rooms, the demand for clean agent extinguishing systems has become crucial. Join us as we take you on a deep dive into Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems.


Syed Qadeeruddin is a Fire Safety Product manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Building Products division of Middle East region. In his role, Syed Qadeeruddin is responsible to support the Fire Safety Product business and manages the channel partners while ensuring the satisfaction of customers as well as the end-users in providing quality products and services. He is working in the Fire & Safety industry since more than 25 years and joined Siemens more than 20 years ago. During this interval he worked in various capacities including project execution, project management and sales management. Previously, he was Head of Fire Safety Segment of Control Products and Systems division of Siemens Building Technologies of Saudi Arabia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in “Electronics & Communication Engineering” and he has vast experience in Fire Protection and Detection field.

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