Infrastructure Digitalization partner

Through this collaboration, we look forward to supporting Dubai’s sustainable development goals with our innovative solutions helping bring the emirate closer to its ambition of becoming one of the world’s smartest cities.  


MindSphere will help provide intelligent solutions for energy efficiency, asset management and integrated mobility, while helping the Expo ecosystem to make best use of the data collected. This will enable our partners to unlock the potential and experience it at Expo 2020. Download the Siemens MindSphere white paper to learn more about the cloud-based IoT operating system for digital transformation

Expo 2020 Dubai

A long-term partnership

The Siemens and Expo 2020 Dubai partnership will continue to make a meaningful impact well beyond its closure.

The history of the world’s fairs mirrors the development of industrial-technological civilization, and Siemens has been participating in these exhibitions of superlatives since the first in 1851.
At Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens is a Premier Partner for Infrastructure Digitalization, providing a wide range of innovative solutions, technologies and products to help plan, build and operate history's most connected, digitalized Expo. Additionally, Siemens will support Expo 2020 Dubai’s legacy strategy by making use of the buildings of Expo 2020 Dubai as the new home for its future global logistics headquarters.

Siemens has a long history in Expo partnerships and we are delighted to be the Premier Partner for Infrastructure Digitalization, leveraging our open IoT operating system MindSphere for Expo 2020 Dubai and beyond.

Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG


Visit the world of Expo through ‘Expo Explorers’

To coincide with Two Years To Go until Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens has published  ‘Expo Explorers,’ a bilingual story and activity book for children 6 to 12 years of age. The book introduces readers to some of the famous inventors and inventions from past World Expos, and uses fun and friendly language to explain why Expos are so interesting for children. This is part of our outreach to raise awareness and interest in the Expo. Siemens is the Infrastructure Digitalization Partner for Expo, working to create the most connected World Expo to date.   Watch our trailer:

What makes cities more livable, sustainable and resilient?

How can urban megaprojects fully leverage the benefits of digitalization to ensure the happiness of residents? Watch our webinar on-demand, and listen to the experts from Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens Cities, MEED and Masdar.

Expo 2020 Dubai

A long-term partnership

Siemens and Expo 2020 Dubai partnership will continue to make a meaningful impact well beyond its closure.

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