A new era for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals in the Middle East

In a challenging oil price environment, the industry's players need to make the right decisions and dynamically improve or change their operating models. New solutions and technologies are key to bolstering safety, increasing reliability, driving efficiency - and contributing to the Middle East's energy development and socioeconomic growth. 

Whitepaper – Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Facing significantly lower commodity prices, the oil & gas industry is increasingly looking to analytics, machine learning, and other data-driven solutions.

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Drive efficiency and lower operational costs with Siemens Oil, Gas and Petrochemical solutions

Meeting tomorrow’s market challenges

Oil and gas will remain the backbone of the global energy supply for decades to come. Yet to keep up with demand while managing sustainable operations in the "lower-for-longer" environment, state-of-the art technology is crucial. Market dynamics, protection of the environment, and expenses for developing unconventional resources are driving the need for innovation. 

What is your challenge?

In the current oil price environment, driving CAPEX and OPEX down is keeping the industry awake at night. Long-term solutions are required to maximize production from existing assets and develop new resources. To balance operations in a sustainable manner, let us support you with the industry’s most extensive portfolio of high-speed rotating equipment and services. Technological innovations and solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream applications, with modular solutions for both brownfield and greenfield projects, can significantly cut costs and substantially enhance quality and safety. You can also set new records for plant performance, efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance with Siemens turbomachinery solutions. Leverage data analytics and software to optimize the complete lifecycle via engineering, operations and decommissioning – and enhance your fleet operations with Siemens Digital Services to benefit from cutting-edge big data management.


Empowering the Middle East

Across the region, our technologies are helping societies reach their energy goals. Whether in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, or Kuwait, we are working with our customers to shape the transformation of the region’s oil, gas and petrochemical industry, using ingenuity to make operations safer and more environmentally-friendly, productive, and technologically advanced.

Automation for Separation Units

ADNOC Industrial Gases

Project information

  • Air separation units, made by Siemens and the Linde Group for ADNOC Industrial Gases, supply liquefied and gaseous nitrogen and oxygen to all ADNOC companies in Ruwais and Habshan.

Siemens Solutions

  • Process control systems, signals, failsafe system, field instrumentation, analyzer, substation, switchgear, transformers, and air compressors.

Customer Benefits

  • Optimized plant output with compressor trains based on efficient Siemens technologies.

  • High availability and reliability to support air separation process.

  • Strengthened high-end application and diversification.

Remote monitoring of oil and gas fields in harsh environments

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

Project information

  • Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) manages oil wells across the desert of Oman.
  • Need for reliable communication network solution for monitoring, control and surveillance of remote automated wellheads in a harsh desert environment.

Siemens Solutions

  • RUGGEDCOM network design and solution suite for reliable, efficient, and automated communication networks in the harsh Middle East environment.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time alarms for improved safety and efficiency.

  • Integration of both new and legacy sensors for on-site monitoring.

  • Time and cost savings.

Midyan Processing Facility

Saudi Arabia

Project information

  • Built by Saudi Aramco to produce gas for power plants and potentially supply other industries in a region rich in iron ore deposits. Plant capacity: 75 million standard cubic feet per day of gas and 4,500 barrels a day of condensates.

Siemens Solutions

  • DATUM compressors with active magnetic bearings are directly driven by high-speed motors and allow the removal of the gearbox and of the lube oil system, enabling an efficient, oil-free, environmentally friendly solution.

Customer Benefits

  • Enables unmanned operation and remote monitoring.

  • Provides lowest total cost of ownership due to compressor efficiency.

  • Improves the facility’s health, safety, and environmental friendliness, since active magnetic bearings eliminate the need for oil and lubrication skid.

Habshan Pipeline

ADNOC Onshore

Project information

  • Longest crude oil pipeline in UAE, used by ADNOC ONSHORE (formerly ADCO) since 2012. An alternative to shipping crude oil through the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Length: Approximately 380 km, from Abu Dhabi to the Emirate of Fujairah.
  • Capacity: about 1.5 million barrels a day.

Siemens Solutions

  • Control, automation, and telecom system for the pipeline, as well as integration with underlying subsystems and high-level management information systems. As part of the service contract, Siemens also enhanced the facility’s operation and delivered advanced training to the teams managing it.

Customer Benefits

  • Higher availability, reduced lifecycle costs, and comprehensive management services from a single location.

  • Reliable operations, dependable communications, and enhanced efficiency.

  • Physical security and environmental protection.

  • User-friendly automation system and training modules.

Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Project information

  • Siemens is helping EQUATE Petrochemical Company enhance its protection from cyber security threats, following a comprehensive assessment of the industrial control system (ICS) at the company’s marine terminal operation area in Kuwait.

Siemens Solutions

  • Simatic PCS 7 provides many functions for industrial security, including segmentation into zones and cells, access point safety, user authentication, secure communications, patch management, system hardening, virus scanning, and whitelisting.

Customer Benefits

  • Comprehensive security measures and functions.

  • Averted plant downtimes and outage times.

  • Safeguarded plant operation.

Operational Excellence for Refinery

Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)

Project information

  • Operational excellence: Improving the performance of refinery operations and then sustaining that performance.
  • The system allows decision-making personnel to see detailed data regarding plant personnel without tedious and time-consuming preparation, making it crucial to governance in Bapco's refinery operations.

Siemens Solutions

  • XHQ Operations Intelligence is a platform for aggregating, relating, and presenting operational and business data in real time.

  • XHQ Operations Intelligence helps Bapco improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline its operational governance.

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced governance, gains it plant reliability

  • High level of transparency in the business

  • 95% reduction in overdue safety work orders, helping the company provide the highest possible level of safety and achieve its ultimate goal of zero incidents in its refineries

Automation for Oil Storage Terminals

GPS Chemoil (UAE)

Project information

  • Joint venture between Gulf Petrol Supplies and Chemoil Energy Limited, currently owns and operates two oil storage terminals at the bunker hub in Fujairah
  • The facility provides storage for a range of petroleum products and is connected by pipeline to all the oil terminals in Fujeirah and all nine berthsBoth terminals offer a full range of transfers - ship-to-terminal (via two oil tanker terminals), terminal-to-ship, terminal-to-terminal, and intertank transfers - as well as blending, heating, and truck loading.

Siemens Solutions

  • The DCS system Simatic PCS 7 serves as an open, flexible control framework that can connect to field devices via many different bus systems and is based on a scalable hardware and software platform. The automation system meets the process control and safety requirements, and together with medium- and low-voltage motors and drives, process enhancement and maximum plant operational availability is achieved.

Customer Benefits

  • The system seamlessly integrates continuous and safety control, including uniform software tools, and it integrates with other subsystems, such as inventory management and fire and gas detection units. An open, flexible control framework that can connect to field devices via many different bus systems and its based on a scalable hardware and software platform

  • Seamless, uniform solution without the need for special gateways or interfaces

  • The subsystem includes built-in diagnostics to warm of impending failures


Driving the future of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

To react to market supply and demand dynamics, customers need new operating models and approaches. From drill pad to refinery, Siemens offers a spectrum of upstream, midstream, and downstream innovations. Our vast product offerings provide our clients with the technical configurations and options they need - and the peace of mind our track record affords.

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