Smart Infrastructure in the Middle East

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Why it matters?

Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council are some of the most highly urbanized in the world, with 85% of the population living in cities. That share is expected to rise to 90% by 2050.


So how can we improve city life? The quick answer is to make cities smarter! Across all aspects of city life, technology and data can contribute to the effective management of urban areas, improving connectivity, sustainability, and livability.


Together we can make our beloved cities in the Middle East, your home and ours, truly sustainable and ready for future generations.

Grid edge is at the focus of new energy systems – it's where the consumer, prosumer and the intelligent grid interact.

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End to End Solution

Smart Infrastructure for a sustainable future

There has never been a more urgent need to create resilient and sustainable infrastructure. With smart infrastructure, we are shaping an ecosystem that connects the real world with the digital world. Making decisions based on data and analytics empowers our customers to make their energy systems and processes in buildings and industries more efficient and sustainable. Together with our customers, we transform the everyday. For a better tomorrow.

Our approach

How we create impact across the Middle East for our customers

Powering the UAE’s EV charging corridor

UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure selected Siemens technology for a nationwide network of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers which will help reduce carbon emissions, boost adoption of EVs by addressing so-called range anxiety, and lay the groundwork for a more connected and sustainable transportation system.

Intelligent Campus app to enhance university experience

University of Birmingham

The intelligent campus app will help make the University of Birmingham’s Dubai campus one of the smartest and most sustainable environments for higher education in the world. We will deploy the customized app to bring the benefits of digitalization to the mobile phones and computers of students, faculty, staff and visitors alike, enhancing their experiences at the University’s new campus in Dubai.  

Making renewable energy a reality for SANAD Village

Diamond Developers and CitySolar

The sun delivers more energy in one hour than all of us consume in one year. Siemens is working with Diamond Developers & City Solar on harnessing solar energy at Sanad Village in Dubai. Powered by our KACO Blueplanet inverters, one of the most efficient series in the world. With the installation of our latest Blueplanet inverters, the inhabitants are able to generate, consume and export energy in a flexible and reliable manner, lower their costs of electricity and reduce emissions

First microgrid in the Middle East

Sultan Qaboos University in Oman

Siemens will provide equipment and software for a microgrid at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) that will improve power supply reliability and lower costs by combining electricity from solar, wind and battery storage. The microgrid at SQU is the first deployment of the technology for Siemens in the Middle East, and is the company’s first contribution in a new cooperation agreement with the university. 

Combining sustainable design and green technologies

Harmony House

How do you describe the future of living? It’s comfortable, safe, sustainable and energy efficient. Even today, Harmony House is all of that. Watch the video to find out how students and alumni from the British University in Dubai combined sustainable design and green technologies

Building Egypt’s new national control center

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company

Together with Hassan Allam Construction, we are building the new National Energy Control Center in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. The country’s new power grid control center will deploy advanced software and equipment to monitor, manage and control extra-high voltage (220 kV and 500 kV) transmission networks and power generation stations across Egypt. The necessary technologies will be included in the new control center for future grid expansion while maintaining secure energy supply, including intermittent renewable energy sources and storage.

UAE Ministry of Energy

Cooperate on electric vehicle charging network in UAE

UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Audi and Siemens


Smart building technology for SABB’s new tower

Saudi British Bank (SABB)

AURAK Siemens

Energy conservation plan with energy systems retrofit

American University of Ras Al Khaimah

Capton Energy Board

Solar and smart infrastructure development and investment platform

Siemens and Desert Technologies joint venture Capton Energy

QSE Siemens

Middle East's first microgrid in an industrial facility

Qatar Solar Energy

Meeting board

Optimising chilled water and air distribution systems

Al Ghurair

Reference Stellantis

Develop EV charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Siemens and Stellantis

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