How to keep Industrial Control Systems safe

Cybersecurity: How to keep Industrial Control Systems safe

With the rise of digitalization and big data comes the increased threat of cyber-attacks in critical industries around the world. So just how can operators of Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) stay safe when the line between IT and OT networks is rapidly disappearing? Here’s your chance to learn from our experts.


Our unique expertise in building industrial networks means that we know what you need when it comes to cybersecurity – from the inside out.

During this virtual focus session, experts from Siemens, Fortinet, and Nozomi Networks will walk you through the integration, real use cases from different industries (Power, Oil & Gas, Electricity and Water utilities, etc), and answer your questions.


  • Defense in Depth: The Siemens Security Concept
  • Addressing cybersecurity solutions through all OSI layers
  • Ruggedcom cybersecurity solutions
  • Secure and detect the threats of an OT ICS network by Nozomi Networks
  • The Fortinet Solution for OT with Ruggedcom’s switches & routers