Future of Work: Enabling businesses to work smarter and more sustainably

Future of work

8th February 2022 / 01:00pm - 01:45pm (GST) / Live from Expo 2020 Dubai

Webcast "Future of Work"

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The time is NOW to radically rethink and reimagine our workplaces, work practices and workforce potential.

Since 2020, organizations around the world have proven their adaptability and agility in creating tremendous change to our ways of working. The pandemic has been a catalyst in the rapid reshaping of the workplace, evolving 5-10 years in the span of a single year.


Gone are the days of show up, get work done, go home, repeat. Today, trends like remote work, video conferencing, cloud computing, the internet of things, and other innovative disruptions are empowering work practices and workforce potential.  The workplace is increasingly flexible, more collaborative, more creative and with greater cohesion of purposeful technology.  

In this panel discussion, we will shed light on how SABB and District 2020 use flexible user-centric technology to create safe, smart and sustainable environments. Places that prioritize wellbeing, inspire new ideas, facilitate growth and enable human potential.


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