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#RedefiningPerformance in the Middle East
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Forward-thinking power generation

The energy landscape in the Middle East will transform more in the next 10 years than it has in the previous 100 years, as the energy mix in the region continues to change. At the same time, more than 61% of power plant operators in the region have invested in modifications and upgrades to their existing conventional power plants. We are helping you produce more power and generate a return on investment by providing services and solutions that support your energy transition. Let’s get you where you need to be tomorrow by using the assets you have today!
Redefine Performance
Investing in the future

Power sector views on where to invest in a changing environment in the Middle East

If the Middle East is to achieve its economic goals and meet the needs of its citizens, the region’s power generation capacity will have to increase in the decades to come. But how will that increase be achieved in a fast-moving marketplace already facing the challenges of responding to climate change? This research begins to answer that question. Based on a survey of more than 100 power sector executives across Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, it looks at how power plant owners and operators are investing in the future.


Redefine Performance

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