Siemens in Myanmar

Having sustained good relations with Myanmar for over 25 years, Siemens Myanmar strives after its mission, to be a long-term and trusted partner for Myanmar’s development.
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Our Journey

For over 25 years, Siemens Myanmar has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability. Our technology in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization helps make real what matters to Myanmar’s community. We deliver solutions for sustainable energy, intelligent infrastructure, healthcare and manufacturing, and we know that our stakeholders expect nothing but the best from us.

Our Commitment

Supporting Myanmar's Development

Siemens is committed to support the development of the country by bringing to Myanmar state-of-the-art technology that adds value to customers and each individual.   Since decades, Siemens’ equipment and systems are used in power generation and transmission systems, in medical systems as well as in industrial applications. Siemens has equipped numerous industries with our solutions, whether for cranes, food & beverage, or for cement, all have proven their reliability and highest quality. Our new engagement in power generation will contribute to cover the country’s increasing power demand. Our automation and digital systems will revolutionize the production and manufacturing sector while the world leading medical equipment helps in providing world class medical assistance to the people in Myanmar. Siemens Myanmar strives to be a long-term and trusted partner to Myanmar and is committed to cater for the country’s development.  To achieve the highest performance with the highest ethics, we integrate our vision and our values related principles into daily business decision-making in our specific environment.

Myanmar Office


Unit 6, 15th Floor, Myanmar Centre Office Tower 1,

192, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road,

11201 Bahan Township.
Yangon, Myanmar


Telephone: (+95) 1 9345 128

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Management Message

Unlocking a Bright Future

“Myanmar’s journey into a new, bright future has just started. Our aim is to foster a trustful and long-term partnership with our customers and to unlock the energy and creativity which is required to drive the country’s transformation. Together with our partners and customers we will pave the way by creating new benchmarks in electrification, automation and digitalization. Our efforts go beyond simple supply of equipment but aim to provide championing, sustainable solutions in all sectors and thereby driving the well being of Myanmar.”
Peter Bruder, General Manager, Siemens Myanmar