Energizing Myanmar

Siemens together with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce bring together knowledge of key Burmese energy stakeholders on "Powering Myanmar's Future". #EnergizingEmergingMarkets
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Powering Myanmar's Future

In 2030, Myanmar shall have a modern power grid that provides electricity to the majority of its expected future population of 60 million people. The remainder shall be covered with reliable and affordable off-grid solutions. The development of Myanmar’s future energy system will be supported by economic growth rates which are expected to remain high, with an average annual GDP growth of approximately 7%. Currently, 42% of the population have access to electricity. The grid needs upgrade and expansion in order to reach the entire country and reduce power cuts to a minimum. This White Paper aims at sharing the experiences which were gained in Myanmar over the past years and summarizes the recommendations that could be drawn from this. To power Myanmar’s future effectively, a socially, technically and financially sustainable approach will be necessary and leapfrogging potentials in view of smart, digitally interconnected solutions are worth considering.
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