Siemens Mexico Partner Country for Hannover Messe 2018


Digitalization could place Mexico among the five most influential economies in the world

Digitalization is driving change at an unprecedented pace. At Hannover Messe, Siemens Mexico will showcase real examples of innovative automation solutions enhanced by digitalization and digital twins. In Mexico, Siemens is leading the conversation on Industry 4.0 and the cultural transformation necessary to ensure industrial competitiveness. Leadership and sector synergy will be essential to complete the digital transformation. To this end, Siemens is investing in research and development, nurturing innovation and strengthening the economy. This will be the focus of our exhibition at Hannover Messe. 
Hannover Messe, Mar 23 - Mar 26, 2018

How Germany and Mexico developed their modern relationship

Hannover Messe, Mar 23 - Mar 26, 2018

With digitalization Mexico could become one of the 5 largest economies in the world

Meet the Digital Twins at Hannover Messe Hall 9

Digital Twins – detailed, virtual representations of products, plants and machinery – help you organize your processes and production activities more flexibly and more efficiently. Experience the successful digital transformation taking place in various industries at this year’s Hannover Messe under the motto, “Digital Enterprise – implement now.”

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Highlight Showcases

Bringing the Digital Twins to life.

The Digital Twin helps the aerospace industry soar

To cope with the high demand, the aerospace industry must increase its productivity by using higher levels of automation as well as end-to-end integration of digital tools and workflows.

Increasingly versatile model variations can be built efficiently in small quantities thanks to greater flexibility.


With the Digital Enterprise Suite – our unique solutions portfolio for the manufacturing industry – and the most comprehensive Digital Twin, this is already possible today for companies of all sizes.


More about digitalization in aerospace industry

Digital Twins in the chemical industry

Shorter times to market, higher data quality and plant transparency, real-time documentation updates: Thanks to end-to-end digitalization, companies in the process industry can sustainably increase their efficiency and productivity in the engineering phase as well as during operation.


We offer the necessary solution portfolio of integrated hardware and software. We demonstrate this using the chemical industry as an example, which benefits from features such as modular plant engineering and paperless manufacturing.


Read more: portal chemical industry

Visit the MindSphere Lounge

MindSphere brings together industry and IoT solutions – With our latest release MindSphere 3.0, new functionalities and services offer various possibilities for your business along with new tools for developers.

Take an in-depth look at new applications while focusing on the connectivity and analytic capabilities of MindSphere and explore innovative showcases of our partners and customers in the fields of energy for industry, automotive, food and beverage, aerospace, chemicals, oil and gas, and the fiber industry.


Read more about MindSphere


Digital Twins builds cars – regardless of the drive concept

Momentum is continuing to grow in the automotive industry. Manufacturers have to efficiently manage the growing demand for electric vehicles as well as for cars with increasingly individual design options that still use conventional drives.

This is made possible by a unique portfolio consisting of our worldwide leading automation solutions and our Digital Enterprise Suite, our innovative software offering for the digital transformation.


We will demonstrate this at Hannover Messe 2018 using specific examples.


More about digitalization in automotive industry

When Digital Twins brew beer

Big brewing companies and small craft beer breweries always need to deliver the highest quality, regardless of how complex the brewing process might be.

It’s a good thing that there are Digital Twins that can be used to realistically simulate all the processes – from the recipe to filling – true to detail, in a completely digital environment.


This enables breweries of all sizes to test and optimize their processes without risk until they are able to produce the actual beverage efficiently, flexibly, and with the highest quality.


More about brewery solutions

Digital Twins reduce time to market

The short lifecycles of electronic products also lead to production cycles that are very short. Meeting the tight scheduling demands of electronics companies is forcing manufacturers and machine builders to shorten the commissioning phases of new machinery and production lines.

We're showcasing how machine builders and manufacturers can dramatically cut commissioning times by using our automation and digitalization solutions. Production can thus begin sooner and the time to market can be reduced.


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Digital twins help to industrialize additive manufacturing

When used in industry, additive manufacturing must meet stringent requirements governing quality, stability, reproducibility, precision, and safety. At the Hannover Messe 2018, we're demonstrating that this is already possible today.


Siemens is the only provider capable of seamlessly integrating additive manufacturing across the entire value chain, from design to services. We thereby enable our customers to fabricate products faster and at lower cost, and to develop innovative designs.


More about additive manufacturing

A Digital Twin accelerates the development process of machine tools

Machine operators want greater transparency in production processes, integrated data management, and networked machines. More efficient development, maximum production quality, and significant productivity increases are among the benefits offered by consistent digitalization along the entire value chain.


With our CNC Shopfloor Management Software, which offers digitalization solutions for the manufacture and operation of machine tools, our customers are already optimizing their entire production process.


Digitalization of machine tools

Greater transparency for sustainable and flexible paper production

The fiber industry is undergoing a fundamental change, moving toward new products and new resources. The demand for sustainable packaging and personal hygiene products is growing while, at the same time, more and more companies are relying on the integration of renewable energy sources and biomass materials instead of on petrochemicals.


We will show how well the production of new fiber products from renewable resources can already be optimized using our SIPAPER portfolio of hardware and software.


Read more in the fiber portal

Digital Twins support oil and gas production

The oil and gas industry is looking for new solutions to improve its performance and efficiency and thereby reduce production costs. Digitalization provides the answers – with the help of data-driven solutions that make it possible, for example, to access the facility from virtually anywhere in the world, that offer decision-making assistance for operators during the process, and that even intelligently support the use of assets.


We offer the comprehensive digitalization portfolio necessary to make this possible.


More about oil & gas digitalization

Digital Twins pave the way for greater energy transparency

The digitalization of industry is inconceivable without a reliable power supply. We will present the benefits offered by the seamless interaction of reliable and safe power supply solutions, communications-capable measuring devices, and sophisticated analysis methods.


This approach creates the energy transparency required for optimal energy management, which is an increasingly important factor for competitiveness.


Reference: Saving energy with big data

Exhibits in Details

Highlight products and technologies


With SIDRIVE IQ our customers get not only a digital platform for improving productivity by optimizing maintenance activities but also enhanced value in reliability and serviceability.


Digital Consulting

Digitalization changes everything!

We advise our customers in their Digital Transformation by

  • providing a holistic digital roadmap
  • providing unique services
  • enabling them to stay competitive and reach the next level of productivity.

Digital Consulting

Servo drive system SINAMICS S210

The simple, high-performance and safe SINAMICS S210 converter forms a perfectly harmonized servo drive system together with the  SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motor and the optimized OCC (one-cable connection) technology.

Servo drive system SINAMICS S210

SINAMICS S120 Booksize Motor Modules type C/D (24/45/60 ampere)

SINAMICS S120 Booksize Motor Modules type C/D: reduced space requirements in the control cabinet thanks to new frame sizes (45A/60A) and new types (24A). Modules with 24A now also available as type C and D.

SINAMICS S120 Booksize Motor Modules type C/D (24/45/60 ampere)

SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module

With the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module, you can connect your mobile devices via Wi-Fi to the SINAMICS G120, G120C and G120P standard converter series for cable-free commissioning, diagnostics and service.

SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module

SINAMICS V20 – new frame size FSAC 40% smaller

The SINAMICS V20 converter range has been extended to include the new frame size FSAC in the voltage range 200 V to 240 V 1 AC, 1.1 kW to 1.5 kW. Frame size AC is 40% smaller and has an integrated RFI suppression filter, category C1.

SINAMICS V20 – new frame size FSAC 40% smaller


SIMOTICS SD Pro with its unique combination of attributes is rounding off SIMOTICS SD next generation motors. It is applicable for DOL or converter operation up to 690V worldwide without any additional measures in any system configuration.


SINAMICS S120 Innovation

The SINAMICS S120 Chassis-2 addresses the changing requirements placed on frequency converters. 

Improved mechanical and electrical design increases the reliability and service life – even under harsh ambient conditions.

SINAMICS S120 Innovation


The consistent platform concept for all explosion-protected motors SIMOTICS XP covers all types of protection represents the solid, easy and fast way to achieve maximum safety: Highest reliability, accelerated project execution times with less effort.


Digital Drive Train Services

With Digital Drive Train Services Siemens offers you not only the hardware, the connectivity and the platform, but also the related Digital Services – and this throughout the entire drive train. 

Digital Drive Train Services

EnergyIP Energy Efficiency Analytics

The cloud solution for real-time consumption analyses and forecasts based on big data collected from sensors. Achieve highest energy efficiency! Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 15 percent!

EnergyIP Energy Efficiency Analytics

Transformer Digitalization and Resilience

Our digital solution for transformers enables a visualization of operational data in real-time via the cloud and an app – for optimized efficiency and load management. Maximized availability due to the Pretact® concept.

Transformer Digitalization and Resilience

Distributed energy systems

Siemens’ distributed energy systems help companies create more efficient energy supply operations, enter the energy market through production of their own power and secure their own energy supplies while reducing their carbon footprint.

Distributed energy systems

Financial Services

“Digital Enterprise – Implement now” – get financial freedom for the digital transformation. Siemens Financial Services offers tailor-made financing solutions to make digital enterprise happen.

Take the opportunity to get first-hand information about innovative and future-facing financing models at Hannover Messe. Whether you are interested in digital twins, additive manufacturing or in automation and digitalization in general and whether you want to invest or to market your own solutions: Our financing solutions offer you various possibilities.

Interested in financing digital transformation? Learn more.

Expertise in Industrial Networks – the basis for digitalization

Siemens designs, plans, implements future proof industrial networks meeting the demands of the respective application and integrable into existing enterprise ITs.

Expertise in Industrial Networks – the basis for digitalization

RUGGEDCOM products for the digital substation

  • Reduction of operational and capital expenses
  • Higher system availability to prevent and reduce outages
  • Higher flexibility thanks to standardization and interoperability

RUGGEDCOM products for the digital substation

SIMATIC S7 Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity for various cloud solutions including MindSphere offers highest flexibility and openness - with full integration into the TIA Portal.

TSN – Time-Sensitive Networking

  • Convergence in the same network between different real-time protocols with the necessarily guaranteed QoS
  • Low transmission latency and bumpless redundancy
  • Synchronization

TSN – Time-Sensitive Networking

Integrated Control Panels – Comprehensive support for control panel applications

When it comes to control panel planning, Siemens possesses knowledge, tools and data along with a coordinated product portfolio. The result: holistic support in managing the challenges involved in control panel engineering and building.

Integrated Control Panels – Comprehensive support for control panel applications

SIMOCODE pro goes MindSphere

When it comes to digitalization and the efforts to evaluate vast quantities of data rapidly, SIMOCODE pro transfers feeder data directly to the cloud via OPC UA. The result: greater plant availability and economy.


With the flexible communication solution SIRIUS ACT push buttons and signaling devices can be directly connected to the controller via PROFINET. 


SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starters: As versatile as your application

3RW5 soft starters suit any drive. They can be easily integrated into the automation system and supply data as far as MindSphere. 

SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starters: As versatile as your application

Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

  • Tell exactly where assets are – in real-time 
  • Highest Locating Precision and Seamless Integration
  • For Production, Logistics and Maintenance Operation

Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)


With SIMATIC MV540, the optical readers are expanded by a series of new high-end devices. SIMATIC MV540 offers clearly greater functionality and performance than the preceding series SIMATIC MV440.


Thanks to its particularly compact design and high degree of protection, SIMATIC RF615A is particularly suitable for the installation in confined spaces and the use in harsh industrial environments.

SIMATIC RF200 IO-Link V1.1

The new IO-Link reader series SIMATIC RF200 meets the IO-Link standard V1.1 and processes data more than ten times faster than readers with the standard V1.0. The devices are very compact and rugged.


The readers feature a high read/write range as well as a large detection field, and are thus suitable for the use in dynamic applications. The readers are fully integrated into TIA.

Digital Industry Services

Making Digital Industry Services processes transparent and optimizing them while protecting your plants through security measures. Digital Industry Services supports you in improving your overall equipment effectiveness.

Digital Industry Services

SITOP Manager for SITOP devices with open communication

The SITOP Manager provides the comfortable integration of SITOP UPS1600 and PSU8600 in automation systems via Ethernet, USB and OPC UA. The Software provides commissioning, online/offline configuration, diagnostics, operating and monitoring.

SITOP Manager for SITOP devices with open communication

SITOP PSU8600CNX8600 expansion module with 8 outputs

The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system can now be extended up to 36 outputs. This enables the load feeders to be distributed even more finely and, as a result, system faults to be located faster. 

SITOP PSU8600CNX8600 expansion module with 8 outputs

SITOP PSU8600: UPS8600 expansion module and BAT8600 battery modules

The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system can now be extended to an uninterruptable power supply. Via battery modules in lead- or lithium-technology all outputs of the power supply system can be buffered up to hours in case of power outages. 

SITOP PSU8600: UPS8600 expansion module and BAT8600 battery modules

3-phase technology power supplies SITOP PSU8200 24 V/40 A, 48 V/20 A

The 3-phase 1000 W power supplies SITOP PSU8200 24 V/40 A and 48 V/20 A of the product line SITOP modular have been innovated and they are even more compact, more efficient and offer additional functionality.

3-phase technology power supplies SITOP PSU8200 24 V/40  A, 48 V/20 A

Siemens Partner Program

Together with certified and qualified partners Siemens helps its customers  worldwide to meet their diverse requirements in the field of automation and drive technology as well as in power distribution. 

Siemens Partner Program

Siemens Approved Partner Sonepar

The Approved Partner Sonepar presents an innovative solution for automating, controlling and monitoring water flows, sensors and pumps. 

Sonepar website

Siemens Approved Partner itsme

The Approved Partner itsme presents on the Siemens booth their product and application competencies using customer examples from control panel building, industrial installation and manufacturing industries.

itsme website

Siemens Approved Partner Lemvigh-Mueller

The Approved Partner Lemvigh-Müller presents their service and logistic competencies, trainings as well as their product and application know how.

Lemvigh-Mueller website


The ULTRAMAT 23 measures at a lower detection limit even more precise than ever before. With our product you  are well prepared for any coming stricter regulations concerning emission monitoring.

SIMATIC PCS 7 V.9.0 – Room for new perspectives

The new version V9.0 of our established and proven DCS SIMATIC PCS 7 provides you a significant plus of performance, based on more compact hardware and new software functions.

The result: Higher flexibility and efficiency.

SIMIT 9.1 – Optimize your plant, increase your competitiveness

SIMIT simulation software permits real-time simulation and emulation for comprehensive examination of automation solutions. The connection to COMOS ensures a comprehensive data flow, creating the basis for the „Digital Twin“.

COMOS - Digital assistant for maintenance personnel

COMOS Mobile Operations is an application for maintenance crew support in the field. It supports in the execution of maintenance orders and the management of alarm messages in process plants.

Totally Integrated Automation

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • increasing flexibility
  • enhancing quality
  • increasing efficiency
  • industrial security

Totally Integrated Automation

GEAFOL Neo transformers

GEAFOL Neo is a distribution/static converter transformer with excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics. Furthermore, this type of transformer is particularly compatible with the environment. 

GEAFOL Neo transformers

Power monitoring made simple

The power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio enables to implement an energy management system according to ISO 50001 and to permanently reduce energy costs in companies.

Power monitoring made simple

Electrification goes MindSphere

The integration of power distribution into industrial digitalization increases operational energy efficiency and plant availability, optimizes production processes and maintenance and simplifies the entire value-added process. 

Electrification goes MindSphere

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