Siemens Real Estate

Siemens Real Estate (SRE) is responsible for all of Siemens’ real estate activities – managing the company’s real estate portfolio, optimizing the utilization of space, and overseeing the operation of its real estate holdings including all real-estate-related services, as well as having responsibility for leasing and disposing of real estate assets and implementing all construction projects Siemens-wide.

What we do

With innovative concepts like the Green Building Initiative and the energy efficiency program, SRE optimizes resource allocation while at the same time making buildings more energy efficient. This enables the company to design and operate its own buildings economically over their entire lifecycles. New buildings and important existing structures alike have to meet systematic sustainability criteria and are certified according to the international Green Building Standard LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Through the energy-focused renovation of the building services technology and structural measures at more than 15 production locations, annual energy consumption was reduced for example by over 4.4 million euros. Most measures were implemented under an energy performance contracting with Siemens’ Building Technologies Division and resulted in a sustainable reduction in annual CO2 emissions by more than 16,000 tons.

Intelligent location concepts and a forward-looking real estate strategy are helping Siemens tap markets worldwide - with SRE thereby laying the groundwork for the company's business operations and creating the infrastructure Siemens needs to drive global growth.

Through the introduction of a trendsetting work concept SRE is helping Siemens to be attractive to today's best employees as well as tomorrow's best talents. This is achieved by an open and modern office landscape which allows for efficient use of office space and fosters interaction among employees.

Siemens Real Estate is a trusted partner to Siemens’ operating units, helping them capture and maintain optimal competitive positions.


Harald Waitl Head of Siemens Real Estate, Asean Pacific Japan Siemens Malaysia Tel. +60 (3) 7952-4233