Sustainability at Siemens in Malaysia

Acting responsibly for a successful future

Sustainability is a key pillar of the corporate strategy here at Siemens. At Siemens Malaysia, we are very clear on our commitment to think and act in the interest of future generations, balancing people, planet and profit. Our promise is to always try to do the right thing, to take a long-term view and to support our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.


Siemens has defined sustainability to mean achieving profitable and long-term growth, acting responsibly on behalf of future generations and to keep the three dimensions of sustainability – people, planet, profit – in balance. We are aware of the associated high standards and the possibility of conflicting goals. Nevertheless, we are convinced that sustainability, especially in the sense of resource efficiency is a business opportunity, and worth seizing.

Sustainability and company values

Sustainability is a guiding principle within our Company, incorporated in our philosophy, central theme of our corporate strategy, and integral part of the Siemens Management model. In our Sustainability activities we focus on three areas: “Sustainable business practices,” “Contribution to our customers’ competiveness,” and “Contribution to sustainable development of societies” in order to achieve sustainable progress for Siemens, its customers and societies.


As our history shows, our understanding of sustainability is closely linked to our company values – responsible, excellent, and innovative. From the very first day, Werner von Siemens insisted that his company fulfill its responsibilities to its employees, to society and to nature. To achieve excellence, to capture leading positions in the markets of tomorrow, to develop innovative technologies that help ensure the future viability of modern civilization – this has always been our vision and our challenge.

Environmental Sustainability

Minimizing impact on the environment is imperative to the future of Siemens. Environmental protection is an important element in our Business Conduct Guidelines, which represent the basis of activity for all Siemens employees.


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Sustainability and Society

In Malaysia, Siemens is committed to the development of our own employees whilst supporting the communities in which we are present; thus sustainability at Siemens include corporate citizenship activities as well as occupational health and safety measures - it is a key fundamental for our sustainability framework and business.


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Sustainable Business at Siemens

Siemens lives up to its responsibility to comply with ethical and legal standards in all its activities, both within and outside the company. This means adhering to all applicable laws and regulations and the company.s internal rules and regulations and is the basis for all the business activities of Siemens. For Siemens, promoting integrity means acting in accordance with our values – responsible, excellent, and innovative – wherever we do business. A key element of integrity is compliance: adherence to the law and to our own internal regulations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and violations of the principles of fair competition.


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