The Pengerang Cogeneration Plant Milestone

January 15, 2019. Siemens Malaysia achieves a memorable and significant delivery milestone, Commercial Operation Date (COD) 4 for the PETRONAS Pengerang cogeneration project from the owner.
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Siemens’ participation in developing the Pengerang cogeneration plant as part of the larger Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex proposed by PETRONAS in the state of Johor state will go down as one of the most significant projects in Malaysia and the Asian region.


The Pengerang Cogeneration project achieved Commercial Operation Date (COD) 4, which is the final COD for the project on December 28, 2018 – 35 days ahead of the contractual date – making it truly a significant achievement and further strengthens Siemens’ long standing reputation for delivering large complex projects with world class quality beyond expectation.


PETRONAS awarded the Pengerang cogeneration project to a Siemens-led consortium as a turnkey EPCC contract to provide reliable power and steam to the refinery. This is the largest cogeneration plant in the country and is engineered to export power and steam to the PETRONAS Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) as well as the national grid.

The Siemens team based on-site at the Pengerang Cogeneration project poses for a memorable photograph to commemorate the completion of Malaysia's largest cogeneration plant.

The plant has an installed capacity of approximately 1,900MW plus an export steam generation of 1,250 t/h. It consists of four units of the state-of-the-art SGT5-8000H gas turbines, two tailored Steam Turbines respectively IP/LP steam turbines, four HRSGs, hybrid cooling tower, HV switchyard and balance of plant. This comprehensive design was modeled based on an Oil & Gas specification, mainly governed by PETRONAS standards.


After a period of extremely challenging circumstances during the peak erection period for COD1 and the highly demanding RAPID environment having up to 70,000 workers on-site, the project outperformed itself by accomplishing a number of crucial achievements. The project not only minimized delays of the first unit by implementing a rigorous mitigation plan, but also beat the schedule for the first time to achieve COD2 and again with COD4 significantly ahead of the contracted schedule. Another key aspect to the project’s success was the fully project-centered approach which was implemented in early 2017. 


The Siemens management team has commended the success of this project stating, “The CODs ahead of scheduled times for such a complex project with an Oil & Gas conglomerate sets the bar high for similar projects in the future. It has become a benchmark for our business and the Pengerang team has led the way in creating custom solutions, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

An aerial view of the ground-breaking PETRONAS Pengerang Cogeneration project in Johor, Malaysia.

It’s no doubt that a strong camaraderie within the Pengerang team has contributed to this project’s success. Both the Siemens and PETRONAS teams have lived by the motto of ‘One Team – One Goal’, which was coined during the preliminary construction phase to underscore the importance of successful collaboration between the OEM and customer, as well as associated partners to achieve the ultimate goal. This success story will definitely continue to inspire even more success moving forward. Kudos, team!