Shaping Digitalization - Malaysia & Siemens:

Our Journey Together. #SiemensDigitalizeSEA

About the event

Shaping Digitalization - Malaysia & Siemens: Our Journey Together is a regional initiative that exhibits the significance of enterprises being digitally savvy in today’s world. Discover the impact of making the digitalization paradigm shift and how it can keep you relevant in a competitive landscape of industries.

Key take away

The digitalization landscape and uptake in Malaysia

Customers are increasingly able to tell manufacturers directly via the Internet, exactly when and what they want. The individualization of products and quickly changing markets require increased flexibility.


The benefits and challenges of digitalization

There are clear advantages that digitalization presents, but with it comes a set of other challenges such as safeguarding against hackers and cyber attacks that are equally important to address.


New technology acquisition and funding opportunities

The motivation for access to technology requires sufficient capital, but with several flexible financing methods readily available, the growth of businesses will no longer be held back.  


Creating a sustainable talent pipeline in a digitally-savvy generation

The collaboration with millennial calls for greater digitalization and networking of the work environment, where leaders of an organization play a critical role in implementing this successfuly and being role model examples in driving value.

Digitalization at Siemens

Digitalization is driving many significant changes and Siemens is championing it all.

Digitalization at Siemens

Complex production systems are already governed by the Internet of Things (IoT).


The Internet of Things (IoT)

Siemens has discovered a way to bridge the communication process between man and machine. Its latest ground-breaking innovation, MindSphere, is an open, cloud-based IoT operating system that captures and transforms data from multiple sources to elevate every step of the value chain.

Malaysian features

Articles on digitalization


Tailored financing solutions

Access to digitalized technology through digital transformation requires sizeable capital. Discover the support to your investments in related technology through project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans and advisory services.