The New Age of Energy

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The New Age of Energy

Driving energy efficiency and sustainability

Sustainability, efficient and reliable energy performance are keys for The New Age of Energy. Join us at our two-day webinar, as Siemens Malaysia, along with experts from our headquarters, will be discussing exciting innovations and possibilities in the energy industry. We will highlight on our industry-leading solutions, services, products, and technologies that can unlock potential energy optimization for the utility, electrical and infrastructure industries.

Keynote Address

Jose Andrade

Senior Vice President & Head of Smart Infrastructure,

Siemens Malaysia

Topic 1 - Grid Planning Trends & Distribution Network Planning Trends due to Variable Renewable Energy (VRE)

Dr. Yang Feng

Project Deployment Manager,

Siemens USA


Time domain analysis and dynamic analysis are now gaining more importance with the increase of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) into the grid. We will present a case study where time domain analysis and dynamic analysis are performed using PSS®E and PSS®CAPE.

Topic 2 - Prepaid Power as Profitability Boost

Martin Stur

Global Product Manager Prepayment,

Siemens AG


How to increase efficiency of energy usage, reduction of collection losses AND optimize cash flow due to instant charging and automatic recovering of bad debt with defined recovering programs.

Topic 3 - Advance Metering Infrastructure - Key to Consumption Transparency (Panel Session)

Pamoda Wijetunge, Regional Sales Manager APJ, Siemens Digital Grid
1 - Akhil Girthotra, Solution Architect Digital Grid (APAC), Siemens Malaysia
2 - Rangel Floranda, Solution Architect Trilliant
3 - Anthony S Rajamanickam, Consultant, AR Utility Consulting
  • Importance and benefits of consumption transparency
  • Enhanced Outage Management
  • Non-Technical Loss Identification and Grid Loss
  • Network Load Management
  • Plans for the future of Industry

Topic 4 - Siemens blue GIS

Ashish Panchal

Portfolio & Digitalization Manager (ASEAN)

Siemens Malaysia


Siemens blue GIS meets the high expectations of customers for high-tech gas-insulated switchgear, such as switchgear availability, maintenance-free design, personal safety, compactness, and environmental independence. Its gas insulation by Clean Air consists of the natural elements of ambient air and is therefore free of fluorinated substances (F-gases), delivering a global warming potential. Clean Air is hazard-free, highly stable, non-toxic, nonflammable and suitable for every application temperature.

Topic 5 - NXPower Monitor – Digital Caretaker for Electrical Equipment

Ir. Chua Yi Quan

Country Business Unit Head – Distribution Systems

Siemens Malaysia


NXPower Monitor enables you to visualize and monitor electrical assets within a main power distribution substation like medium- and low-voltage switchgear continuously from anywhere in the world. NXPower Monitor is an application configurable for system and solution type of business, which involves more than one component and system. This application supports Key Performance Indicator calculation and monitoring of your operational data from electrical distribution assets in time-series and alarm data.

Topic 6 - EV Charging Solutions

Arjun Raju

Sales and Business Development Manager – APAC,

Siemens E-mobility


Siemens electro-mobility (eMobility) portfolio includes end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging and digital solutions to manage electrical energy efficiently, along with reliable power distribution infrastructure to support the growth of future EV industry. We have various types and power ratings of charging hardware products namely AC Charger Wallbox (VersiCharge), AC Charging Station (Sicharge CC), DC Charging Station (Sicharge D), DC Utility Vehicle Charging Station (Sicharge-UC) and digital aolutions as software form the backbone of our Our EV charging solutions.

Topic 7 - Embedded Micro monitoring module for Thermal sensing

Nancy Madaan

Senior Business Development Professional,

Siemens Malaysia


  • SEM3T utilizes small non-powered sensors which are installed inside electrical equipment to continuously monitor the thermal condition of critical joints in an energized electrical equipment. It enables permanent, non-invasive, 24x7 detection of hotspots at an early stage of development.
  • SEM3T system designed with safety in mind. SEM3T provides a more robust thermal measurement system than an IR scan that cannot see obscured connections.

Topic 8 - Pathway to decarbonization

Sunil Kumar Yadav

Head, Energy and Performance Services (ASEAN)

Siemens Singapore


A comprehensive energy management approach ( Reduce, Produce and Procure) together with digitalization and well supported by innovative financial solutions can accelerate the pace of ESG needs for the sustainable world.

Topic 9 - Scalable WAMPAC product SIGUARD PDP and its application in system stability observation and protection

Jose Servilio Malagón Morales

Promoter Power System Stability,

Siemens AG


The presentation explains how to do real-time monitoring of the electrical power system based on Synchrophasors technology using Siprotec 5 PMU and Siguard PDP, which we call Wide Area Monitoring WAMs, and how to take remedial actions to maintain the stability of the power system with Wide Area Protection applications called WAP. 

Topic 10 - Cloud based distribution grid monitoring with IoT applications

Jonas Schlund

Product Portfolio Consultant for IoT Applications,

Siemens AG


Our SICAM Navigator and SICAM Localizer applications enable seamless monitoring and analysis of your distribution grid. Learn how the apps help you in your daily work, how they improve working processes, how your assets are connected and why secure, zero touch engineering is key to scale IoT apps. 

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